Wanna talk about each other's stories?



I feel that spiritually. I started my story years ago and writers block made me lose interest and I just disappeared out of no where and now i’ve returned with new inspiration to continue it. I started in high school so I had to go back and edit the entire thing to my liking now and I’m back to continue it and I’m praying I don’t lose interest again. All I can say for the both of us to do is if it does creep up we just have to remember why we came back in the first place.


Hey! I’m only just figuring out this whole wattpad forums thing, so hey (-: And ahh I agree about the writers block, I’ve been drowning in it for the past few months, and I was meant to finish a fic I’m doing by Christmas, but, it’s decidendly not finished oops


Whoops. First of all, welcome. Second of all, I get that. Sometimes, writer’s block gets the best of us. I’ve had so much writer’s block solely because I didn’t plan everything well


Amen! Planning before writing is super important! Otherwise you end up getting stuck and being unable to update.


Gahh I agree, I started off my first big story by just winging it with no plan at all?? Which was very silly ahha, so I’m having to sort out the million loose ends I created then.


Oh definitely. It took me a year to write 50k words. dunno how people can do it in a month


Hahaha on Wattpad I did the same. Almost 1.5 years later and I’m STILL not done with it lmao


Its been seven ish months now for me and I am no closer to finishing it?? Im at worst 4 chapters away, so procrastinating is at an all time low RIP


Ah same. Procrastinating sucks man


It really doesss ahhh, I could be the president of a procrastinating club, but I’d procrastinate with that too lmao


I completely agree haha


I second this. I used to get writer’s block all the time. Then I started laying out a general outline of the plot and writing notes for myself and it made it so much quicker to move along with the story. Did I stick to my outline? Not at all, but it helped me know the general direction I was going with the story and how to get there.

Also, just writing and not worrying about how good it is until the editing process made it all a lot quicker. Just get that shit down and fix it later. Even if it sounds stunted and terrible at first, you can always rework it until it sounds 1000 times better


(-": I might write down the other idea and then come back to the current one in around nine to ten business days ahahah


This is KEY! Just get it down.


Yes, that’s definitely better than my amazing approach of stumbling around in the dark with absolutely no plan until around 5 chapters in…I also wrote a single chapter then published it straight away, which also wasnt an overly good idea


also, out of curiosity, what do you all use to write with?




I agree!


I know right. It boggles my mind how people write 50,000 words in a month. I prefer to go at my own pace, so I can enjoy what I’m writing.


Exactly. I go at my own pace so I don’t stress myself out.

My friends want me to update more because they’re DYING over the story haha.