Wanna talk about each other's stories?



Yeah, I find that going at my own pace allows for my stories to be less rushed, with less mistakes.


Exactly. The main reason for my pace on my published story is because I did not plan at ALL. I planned the second half slightly, but other than that, no.

So writing is a challenge


Plus, I revise and edit after I’m finished later. I’m new to wattpad, but writing like this keeps my stories interesting to me.


Exactly. When I first started, whatever came to my mind, I wrote it down. 1.5 years later, I’ve changed definitely


Exactly. I agree with your usage of the word exactly and your writing style. While it’s great that others can write 50,000 words a month, it’s comforting to know someone else writes in a similar way.


Like, you need to read them? You need to write them?


I used Scrivener. I like it because I write a lot of historical-based stories that require a lot of research, so it helps me organize all that. And it also has templates for writing character and setting sketches for when I need to write that shit out too.


Oh wow that sounds a lot lot better than what I’m using, I think I’ll check it out! :grin:


Thank you. And yeah, I don’t like to rush the process


You can also do a free trial if you want so you don’t have to drop 45 bucks right away on something you may or may not like. I would recommend doing that first, seeing if you like it, and then buying it if you do.


Ever heard of Scrivener?

It’s a cross between a database and a word processor. It was made for LARGE documents with lots of chapters, notes, other researched documents.

You can dump a Master’s Theses in it and not have it choke once.


It’s got a learning curve to it!

But it will compile epubs, pdf, manuscripts and screenplays. You can outline, turn the outline into index cards and the index cards into scenes and then into chapters. It’s AMAZING!


I’m working on one story right now, my first original novel (I’m more of a fanfiction person, but I’m trying to branch out), and I’m not too sure how it’s going right now. I’m taking the leap and trying to finish chapter one, which is always the most difficult for me for some reason


Thanks for letting me know!! I’m definitely going to look at it, it seems a hell of a lot better than grammarly lmao, sorry for not replying sooner, I’m guessing we’re in different timezones


Finding that no matter what you do your work seemingly never appears on search, and realizing that you’ll never get reads because the only way you were able to find yourself in incogneto was through searching your own profile. :confused:



It’s not just you. Apparently, this is a problem. I looked for my story, and the same thing happened to me…


I see…well thanks for the update!


Same thing is happening to me. We’re not alone : )


I wrote a fanfic that I would like people to read. Is it alright if I posted the link here?


I’m so depressed I published 2 chapters in 3 months no one noticed yet. A few said it looked interesting but didn’t look in to it. I am active in forums, joined clubs asked a few writers and ambassador in my country to check my stories but still nothing. My books plan is almost finished I can easily write about rest but I’m also very afraid that my ideas will be stolen happened a few times and I couldn’t do anything. Anyone having such fears?