Wanna talk about each other's stories?

thank you very much

You’re welcome. :relaxed:

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I am feeling superb about my work today :slight_smile: I started a new project on tuesday and i’m cruising through it at a blazing speed compared to my other works (5580 words so far) and my most recent completed stroy just got a little boost in reads and comments.

Writing could not be better right now and I just needed a little place to gush about how great it feels.

Anyone else feeling super great about their stuff? As writers i feel like we are our own worst critics and focus on the negative a lot. So where’s the positivity? Who else is writing and thinking “my story is awesome”?


Completely agree! I’m usually really harsh on myself about my writing, but right now I’m so proud of my writing so far and how much I accomplished especially what I’m working on now.

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I used to feel really great about my writing. Though I feel lately it’s slipped :pensive:

I’m feeling wonderful about my work! ^.^ I recently published my novella on wattpad, and it’s the first time I’ve ever met a deadline when writing before. I started back in February, and forced myself to post it in March. It’s now 23,000+ words lmao. I really took off with it, lol. But I’m also really happy, and feeling wonderful about my work.

It’s kinda scary, though. I didn’t have much time to consider it (also means I spent less time agonizing over how the novella should go lol). I really like the story, but I’m amazed at how fast I got it done. o.o


Well done as someone who also recently insihed a piece of literature it feels good dont it.

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It do. I’ve finally got an upload schedule that I can stick to. I feel like I’m starting to adult right and get my crap together, lol. It’s kind of a scary/new feeling. ^.^’

Keep writing man to hell with a schedule but if it help you then who am I to say. I write 24/7 its oin me blood.

thats good!

over time you might, what genre is it?

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Awe, well maybe you might have to retrace your steps figure out where you started to feel to feel like it slipped, maybe go back to previous work and figure out what changed

it is a short story - general

thats cool!

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I guess for me it is really struggling to figure out how to revise a story. I guess for me it is rewriting the entire manuscript. Honestly I think that is the best way to revise a story. I find it to be pretty difficult.

Hello :slight_smile:

  Okay, this is a great idea because being a writer is really hard, you know? I'm a young writer, and I just finished my first novel. I've written short stories and such before, but I actually wrote a novel. I'm really happy about it. Anybody else have any great achievements? 
   I don't tell people in my personal life about my writing either. I'm not sure why. I mean, I've told a few people. Do you guys tell people about your writing?
  You know, I really love writing. I want to share my stories with the world, and I want to talk to people who love my book as much as I do. I guess that is my ultimate dream. I being a successful writer your big dream?


Hi guys…after a long time