Wanna talk about each other's stories?



Ha…I am a college student. Let be friends in wattpad. I recently wrote a story, would you like to read it


Ah that’s cool! And sure :slight_smile:


I deleted your posts, together with those from @SVTwrites. Please remember that, according to club rules, it is not allowed to post links to your own stories in the community outside the Share your Story and Story Services threads. Also, you cannot ask people to read outside those threads.

For general chatting, please go into the café. If this threads stays off-topic, I would have to move it, which is a bit unfair on the TO.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi! I have good and bad experiences in writing. Mind If I could share one?


hello anyone looking to co write a book together im not sure what i would like the book to be about yet but dm me and we could brain storm


Hi guys, new to Wattpad. Publishing the first draft of my CampNaNoWriMo project. Maybe I’ll get some useful feedback out of it, but at least it’s fun. Nice to meet you all ^^


Hey :slight_smile: Wow, hope it goes well for you and good luck with getting feedback, as long as writing is fun for you.

I’m currently working on the 2nd book in a ‘superseries’ (my term) and hoping to get several chapters done in 3 weeks, lol, not gonna happen, but a man can dream.

It’s nice to meet you too! ^^


ok , I am sorry for doing it




Hi! I’m currently writing 2 books at once, and MAN, is it a struggle! They are both so completely different and my brain often gets exhausted after writing just one chapter of one of them! The only good things about writing 2 books at once is that if you get writers block with one, you can go and write the other, and then at least you can update one book!


I’ve been writing stories since High School but keeps on deleting it because it feels like it isn’t good enough, but up until now I’m still trying. It’s really hard to give up a dream you really want to achieve since you were little and that is to publish a book.

To everyone whose struggling, I know we can make it!


How are you all this evening? ^^


good good. it’s noon for me, but hullo! how is your story going?


Good, actually. I mean, I still have no one who really cares, but, that was to be expected. Allthough, my friend does. She was really sweet about it, but it’s soething different, no? How about you?


:frowning: I’m sure other people care! It can be a little hard on this site though not to just stare at the view counts and desire for them to be more, just like with “likes” on an instagram post. If you care about it, other people will too.
Mine’s fine! It’s never going to feel finished, but it’s fine.


That sounds good ^^ But trust me, I’m fine. I write cause I like to tell the story, not for the views. (Most of the time)


good good. what do you usually write?


Fantasy. I grew up with my mom writing her own stories and reading them to me. That definitely left an imprint. What do you write?


oh that’s so cool, i wish anyone in my family would read a fraction of the amount i do hahah. Any fantasy in particular? Witches? Dragons? Kingdoms?
I write in sci-fi usually but I’m sucker for ya and romance too.


Sci-fantasy, ya, na, stuff like that. I also love fae and everything celtic mythology related. Again, I think it’s a childhood thing ^^ But for reading I also love all other ya fantasy kinds of things.