Wanna talk about each other's stories?

oh very nice. I read a few faerie books, but ever quite got into them. I read one book about trolls though, that was wild.

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Awesome ^^ what was it called?

So one day I was watching a favorite series of mine and I got a wild Idea, why not write a fanfiction? So I tried it and couldn’t type fast enough! I got soo into it and needless to say it’s my most popular story. But the idea for my BABY, My original romance novel that I’m working on right now came to me based on my life experiences and a dream. So I combined them and voila! I got my YA Novel Camp Red Lake. I’ve been working on this book since I was 15 and it’s still changing! Someday I hope to share it with the world! ^.^

Hiya! I’m writing a story on mental health. The highs are that I get to express what it feels like suffering from it but the lows are I keep letting my emotions get in the way of my writing. Any advice is welcome!

Im the same way. As a survivor of Sever clinical depression and a constant sufferer of anxiety, sometimes its hard to even get out of bed, let alone write a chapter. What I notice helps me Is pushing myself. I’ll kind of force myself to write and once i start, I notice it helps me get out of my funk!And if you just cant do it then don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow. I also have a story about my memoirs and it deals with abuse, mental illness and my memories growing up. I havent updated in awhile because its a sensitive subject for me as well…

I would but I feel like a lot of the things I have to discuss, I’m not sure if others can relate to:

I had a bad habit of writing things to subvert tropes, rather than trying to create tropes, which is why my older work had a certain feel I can’t relate to anymore.

My familiarity with he toxicity of 90s retro-fantasy was a lot fresher in my earlier writing years than it is now, where at this point… I just don’t fucking care if a fantasy princess has “nothing behind the eyes.”

I’m not going to suddenly litter my pages with damsels in distress, but I have much less of that “All damsels should be purged from the written word” mind set.

Though sometimes, when I’m relaxed, I find myself “hating things that are to beautiful” at times. Some vague jealousy / envy. But it’s something i’m aware of.

Maybe I haven’t totally lost my teenage mind set.

I know the exact feeling. I’ve tried to turn the book into a light comedy so it’s not all doom and gloom.

mine is straight and to the point cuz sometimes, life is raw and gritty. But i understand you sooo much lol

whenever you do post it, i’d be happy to give it a read and give you feedback :slight_smile:

That would be cool. There’s only one chapter so far but it is posted, i’m in the process of getting it edited.

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From something I’ve noticed, the more I try and write something out of the blue, the less likely I am to actually make any real headway. I find getting a start and conclusion with setting up some characters that can be deemed “important” first has helped me get a great view of what I’m working with and slowly adding to it over time to make it deeper and more fleshed out. I think half of the characters I write wouldn’t be near as interesting if I didn’t have the concept and then tweak with demeanor till I created something different or more dimensions to them.

I haven’t written in months now and this freightens me. I have ideas but no will to put them on paper. I have a Chapter 27 only about a page and half in untouched. I want nothing more than to keep going but I just haven’t. My real life has been so investing and good, that writing is the last thing on my mind though plagued with thousands of ideas a day. I’m also quite tired from the business of it all, so any time I have free time, my ass is curled up in bed…asleep.

Hey guys, just wanted to stop in and ask about something. My story is a fanfiction based a movie but with my own ending and my own twist. Summer lovers come to a disappointing end in the original story, but in mine they reconcile and boy enrolls in girl’s school. She finds out she’s pregnant in November and tells him a month later. The day after which a school shooting takes place in the high school… I’m not too seasoned with straight romance, my specialty is lesbian YA/NA.my question is regarding the shooting… Is there anyone who thinks that adding this element is a bad idea?

What’s going on everyone? Just looking to meet other writers!

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hello there

I have simply dozens of stories in my head, never managed to finish writing a single down. most of them are fantasy, I have a few sci-fi tales too. my highest high was when I was 14 years old and could close my eyes and not just see my world but feel the wind, the waves, the cold or the heat, hear any sound that would fit the setting was all around me. I lost this ability when I turned 1 and puberty kicked in

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Currently, I’m starting to delve into making characters in my current story and even later a bit more realistic/human in nature, why I’m aiming for creating backstory and flaws with some. I think it’s interesting and cool when I meet a character that challenges my ideal and a story that leaves me coming up with the answer and that’s something I’d like to do for my stories.

Though yeah, I also have a lot of stories and arcs in my head but I suppose it’s a matter of decided what stays and what goes. I know I’ve thought about some arcs I wound up not using and even some characters because I wanted to do something different with them or decided I didn’t want to go through with this.

I think creating a lot of things is cool, though sadly not very much gets down on paper. Why I find making tables and data for it helpful as well as creating a base for the story.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for unusual crossovers and I had an idea for a Steven Univer AU where Rose Quartz met Dexter instead of Greg. Though I don’t count on myself on going through with it because I can never finish anything.

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