Want Beta reader for Light Novel (LGBT) set in Malaysia


Heya! I’d be much obliged to get feedback on my work, “Special Someones”. As it is a Light Novel, do expect a slightly different format from the usual web novel. The setting is in Malaysia, so readers from Asia would may find the story more relevant. But other readers are also welcome. :slight_smile:

  • Title: Special Someones (80k words)
  • Genre and sub-genres: Teen fiction, Light Novel, LGBT, Rom-com
  • Description: Boy meets girl meets boy with autism, though not in that exact order. Then serious shit happens.
  • Features: Love triangles, Malaysia, inter-racial, human rights


Xue Ge, delinquent transfer student, just wanted to score the most beautiful girl in class. Because, well, he’s 16.

Jennifer, said beauty, wanted to hurl Xue Ge into outer space. She had eyes for someone else.

Matthias, said someone else, has autism. We’re not sure what he was thinking. Sorry, Matt.

The three friends are caught in a spinning love triangle, and it threatens to tear them apart.

So Xue Ge’s changed his mind. Forget romance, now all he wanted was to keep his two best friends. But a green van rolling into school threatens to take even that away.

This is a slightly different Malaysian love story. Being different in a land that demands conformity can be tough, but these three young lives are willing to give their all to stay together.

Payment: Reading your work and giving feedback is the standard, I believe.