Want new friends



Hey, Wattpad community. You can say I’m new to watpadd’s community and I want to make some friends :hugs: strong text


Nice to meet you nada05703. I’m RaphaelaLee. I’m writing superhero Flash Fiction Starring original characters. I have also written a horror short story titled Blackout. I am an animation fan and hope to make my own web animations someday. Do you have a favorite cartoon or TV show?


Hey, RaphaelaLee. I’m writing a humor story “Multiple Bad Coincidences”. Pretty little liars was my favourite and currently looking for a new show. Do you recommend any ?


Live Action, Animated, or don’t care?


Don’t care


Want kind of show? A show similar to Pretty Little Liars or something else or don’t care?


Something else, I don’t mind. You can say your favorite shows and I can watch it


hiiiii newbie! welcome to wattpad it is such an amazing place @nada05703




hey ! how are you?


Good and U ?


I’m good too * does a happy dance* 'cause it is Friday


I know right, my lecture for tomorrow got cancelled and sunday is my day off so I’m over the moon


Well I’ve been keeping up with Miraculous Ladybug but it’s kind of be waning in quality for me from what I can gather. Hopefully the third season will improve. Anyway things I can recommend are Unikitty, Milo Murphy’s Law, Mysticons, and Be Cool Sooby Doo if you can have an open mind about it.






Same @your title :grimacing: How’s it goin?


Hey :slight_smile:




Welcome to wattpad Hope, you have a great here