Want your character drawn? Maybe I can help...? (Closed for now, I guess)

Hi guys,

I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to writing lately, so I thought that I might get back to it if I drew some of my characters. Hasn’t worked so far and but since I’ve pretty much run out of my own characters to draw, I’m going to ask you if you have characters that you’d like to see drawn/come to life.


I don’t draw backgrounds because they take way too much time, so if you want a drawing, it’s just going to be a character on white and that’s about it. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to drawing, so please, be patient. I’m working during the day and try to sleep during the nights so that leaves me about 6 hours per day and I try to be as meticulous as possible and it takes time. Also, I can’t take too many requests, so one character/person, for now at least (if you have a couple who’s über romantic wedding picture you’d like to have drawn…maybe…but that’s a big maybe…)

Also, creature designs are difficult! So, if your character is half human/half eagle with hyena legs, then it’s going to get complicated and I might have to decline. Also, also, please, no super weird positions, like bent backward and knees of top of their head with their hands behind their back.

As for payment, well, I’m doing this mostly for fun and because I enjoy it and I get to practice, but I do have one super short comic/cartoon book on my profile, which is an easy read with only like seven pages, so if you want to check that out, head on over there. I upload it slowly, whenever I have the time to scan my comic strips. No need to follow me, but if you want to, that would be nice. I might eventually upload stories that involve the characters that I’ve drawn. Also, also, if you use my drawings in your stories, like on the first page to show what your MC looks like, remember to credit me :slight_smile:.

Below are pictures of my own characters from own stories, which are still uncompleted/work in progress. As you probably notice, most are men, but I do draw some women as well.

Here be examples:

So, what I need from you:

  • your character’s race (hooman, zombie, angel, vampire, fairy, etc.), age (approx), skin color (black, white, snot green, etc.), hair color and length, maybe eye color but I usually just make them black unless you want a shine or sparkle of a certain color

  • gender

  • clothing (if they are a vampire from the 1800 hundreds with a super detailed tuxedo, it takes longer to complete, if they are wearing a potato sack, then it’s easier)

  • if there’s anything else you can think of, please tell me so that’s it’s as detailed as you want it to be (like a ball of fire on the left hand, a splatter of blood on ride cheek, or something similar).

That’s about it then. Hope to hear from someone so I can put my drawing skills to use.

Do you draw anime characters? If so can I see some of your work and if not can I still see your work?

No, sorry, I’ve never been good at drawing anime. And there are some examples on the post of my work. Under the “here be examples” :slight_smile:.

I like your drawings. The realistic touch is nice. I just need you to draw two of my characters for my anime Club Cupid.

Character 1: Yuna is my main character. She has short pigtails similar to Musa from Winx. I haven’t decided in color but that’s all I have for Yuna. She is a tomboy but she wears the school uniform which is a skirt and top for girls.

Character 2: Takeshi is the handsomest boy in school and school idol. He has black hair and eyes. Again you have free range with crafting him too.

If you can have them standing beside each in this position: back to back or him putting up bunny ears behind her.

They have a school uniform if you don’t feel like coming up with clothes. The uniform is green and white.

Is this enough?

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There’s both humans and wear modern japanese clothing like those idols but you have free range there.

Right, I’ll get to work. But might be able to get back to you earliest on tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Take your time. I’ll be sure to credit you too.

This sounds so awesome!! If you have time I would be very honored if you want to draw my main caracter.

  • Her name is Erin, she’s 20 years old. She’s half Dutch half English so she has an european look. She’s white(I don’t wanna sound racist but I don’t know how else to say it), has brown hair that reaches halfway over her shoulders and green eyes.
    She’s a football player for Birmingham City W.F.C, I’ll add a picture of what their football outfit looks like.
    As for other details maybe you could draw her with a football, but only if you can.
    I really really hope you can draw her for me it would be so cool. And of course I’ll use the drawing in my story and tag you every time I use it(and I’ll give you a massive shoutout on my profile) (here’s the football outfit, pick the colors that are the easiest for you)
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Hi, here are two pics of my MCs, if you don’t want to draw both you can pick one. I’ved used them as a reference when I created my characters.


30b8ca9372217cfe36190333a365b331 62460840_1055415594847022_658764884386872855_n 78216277_373518760111289_2451478774626123776_n

If you need anymore infro, please tell me :slightly_smiling_face:

This is so cute!! I would love one!

Character One: Zea Holson

  • Human Female
  • Tall! 5’9-5’10, Long Legs
  • Tanned Sunkissed Skin
  • Dark Brown, Wavy Hair
  • Sharp Pointed Face w Piercing Cerulean Eyes
    Would love if she’s wearing a silky red dress but anything fancy will do!

Character Two: Lucas Brandons

  • Human Male
  • Tall(er)! 6’3-6’4
  • Lean Muscular Build
  • Black, Slicked Back hair
  • Angular Face w brown eyes
  • !smoulder
    Lucas could be wearing a suit w or w/o a tie. If u could as a stethoscope around him that’ll be cool but optional
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Okay, I’ll give it a try but it takes a while :slight_smile:. Thanks for understanding.

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Of course, take all the time you need. I’m already very glad you wanna try😍

Character 1: Human, white, short black hair, male, wearing a white shirt, blue tie, dark blue suit, grey pants, black shoes and a pin in his suit

Character 2: Human, brown, short brown hair, female, wearing a white shirt, blue tie, dark blue suit, grey pants, black shoes and a pin in her suit

Character 3: Human, white, short red hair, female, wearing a black military uniform with several pins and medals

Character 4: Human, white, short dark red hair, female, wearing a white shirt, blue tie, dark blue suit, grey pants, black shoes and a pin in her suit

(Yes, they are using uniforms)

The pin is this symbol, idk if you’ll need it
The military girl is using the same along with one that should look like a simplified sting (Like a bee sting), and the medals are just medals, generic. Again I don’t know if you’ll need that, since you can simply make a pin that is small enough for the symbol itself to be irrelevant, but here is the information in case you want it

  • Character’s Name: Jareth

  • Character’s Race: Vampire/Sorcerer

  • Character’s Age: Approx. 27 yrs

  • Hair Color And Length: Dark Brown, Short and Wavy

  • Eye Color: Red

  • Gender: Male

  • Clothing:
    Black And Red Cape with hood
    Black Tights
    Black Boots
    Black Gloves

  • Fangs, blood on his lips

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So yeah, this is what I came up with. I used the school uniforms and placed them on the same picture together. If you want them separately, I have them on different layers so you can have the single pics as well. As I said, not good with anime or anything related to that, but I hope this “the next best thing”. :slight_smile:


I adore this. Thank you so much!!!

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You’re welcome!

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Okay, here’s Erin, hopefully in an accurate football uniform :stuck_out_tongue:. I looked up the uniforms of the team you listed but some of them looked a bit different so I eventually went with the colors in the image you posted.


So, we’re not allowed to ask for a couple to be drawn?

I love it so much thank you!!!

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