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Got the cover for Natalie


That happens to me all the time on the website version! Everybody’s covers look so damn blurry when in that view even though they look perfectly fine on the main page and on my phone. I’ve no damn clue what it is.


Mine look blurry no matter what. On phone or on computer. It’s getting to be obnoxious.



The second one is supposed to say magic


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Hey! Sorry this took so long to write. Writing reviews for four covers takes a long time for me to get my thoughts together about everything. Anyway…

Let’s start with the genre that you wanted to be in, Teen Fantasy. 1. You definitely hit the fantasy point. These covers scream fantasy. However, I would not define them as “teen”. These covers read more new-adult/adult to me, which about the 18-30 year old age range. They have more sophistication to them than what I would define as teen. For example, teen fantasy covers these days look a lot like…


Teen covers are very simple. Slap a girl or a face on there and a nice font and bam! Teen cover. They rarely focus on something as complex as covers like yours. And what makes your covers complex is you’re already forcing the reader to adapt to your world by introducing them to this concept of “stepping through mirrors”, “there’s a whole nother world waiting on the other side”, etc. Your cover falls more in line with covers like these:


These books, like yours, focus more on showing the concept and story behind the book than trying to market to the readers. (If this isn’t making any sense… publishers who market to teens need to keep the designs simplified enough so that teens can fully understand it, yet be intrigued and interested in it enough to pick it up. Your design wouldn’t fit that mold as it’s too complex.)

Moving onto intended feels… As I said, it hits fantasy on the nose. Magic? Yes. Mystery? no. Allure? Maybe. Allure is entirely subjective as it’s defined as attractive and I can’t define what’s attractive to people and what’s not. I can only tell you what will sell and what won’t–attractiveness is an entirely different concept.

If you really want mystery to be in there, I’m afraid that you’ll have to change up your color palatte and fonts. Mystery requires a lot of darker colors, grays, blues, blacks, etc. The background to your cover may be black, but black needs to move, or have movement. For example, when you look at your image, you see a box. Most images will have patterns that cause your eyes to follow in an S or a Z pattern. Some covers will have different designs that are more like 6 or 9. Yours, however, goes first then Z, following the black then switching to read the text. (At least on your second covers. Your first covers mostly follow a line pattern where you just read straight down.) If you’re going to do a mystery cover, you’re going to need blacks/darker shades that are all through the palatte that cause more of a | than an S or a Z, and you’re also going to need to change up the fonts.


Think San-serif font, straight down, easy to see, high contrast color palette.

If I had to choose between two covers, which ones I think better together, I would choose the originals. The new covers look a little mismatched because of the switch between black and white fonts and the different flares and things that you have going on in the images. (They’re cool, but the first pair are simply more cohesive.)

If you want tips on how to make all of them better in general… well we’re finally getting around to that part now.

Sticking to your original concept of mirrors and lands beyond them, I suggest taking a different approach. Instead of having the mirror plastered in the center of your image, try making it the border. If you don’t like how that’s turning out, keep the image in the center and change up the background. Give it some texture, like it’s sitting against a wall or something. Example:



You could try inversing the image as well, taking your background and putting it on the outside and leaving the mirror as it is, a mirror.

As for your fonts, the fonts you’re using right now really detract from the quality of the image. Try something thinner, less chunky on the curves. They can keep the serifs if you really like those, but the font you’re using right now is too standard and so thick it’s just blocky and awkward. After that, I would suggest playing around with the placement of it. Try to keep the placements similar on both images and you’ll find that they work better together.

As for your name, try centering it and making it a little bit bigger. It’s ridiculously tiny and I can barely see it even when the image is full scale. On wattpad, it will be even smaller, and if you can’t see your name, what’s the point of having it on there? The book one and two texts are fine. They’re consistent and not crazy out there that they could remain where they are if you like them. If you wanted it to all look more cohesive, I would use the same | principle I was talking about earlier and place it either above or below the mirror, and just leave it as a solid text with no background.

Hopefully this all made sense because it did in my head but ya know. Sometimes we writers have a hard time of translating thoughts into meaningful words.


Thank you for your insight! I threw these together really fast and I have limited skill at photo editing so I don’t intend these to be a final product. You gave me some good jumping off points. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to hear that! I think that whatever you come up with next will be even better. Your covers already had a lot of potential, now I think you’ll knock it out of the ball park!




Really interesting thread but… I wouldn’t say you’ll alter someones work for them imo



So I finally discovered the amount of red one can put on a cover before it begins to blur. This is about the level that Wattpad tolerates. Still kind of ridiculous that I had to redesign everything just to make it look nice. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I agree with you, but I still love it


I do too. Maybe I’ll just keep the covers like this from now on and switch out the colors and the symbols. So like the next book would be blue and red or green and red, etc. With new symbols to go along with it.



Bam! Rest of the series covers!

What Does Your Book Cover Mean?

Which one of these would you say is your favorite and why? So that way if I ever have to change stuff around I know not to change that.