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The first and third ones, the gold and silver/white is easier on the eyes when paired with the red, also, they go better with the red


I see what you mean. I’ll keep that in mind. Otherwise, I think they turned out pretty good for like 3 hours of work. Maybe even good enough to self publish in if I ever got my manuscripts finished. T.T



I renamed each book of the Legend Series…I am now trying to find the right person to do them, I have one person doing one of the Prequel covers, depending on how that goes, and if they are willing, I may have them do the series…


I made these for a set of twins in the Legend Series, both qoutes have or will be made by Sonoko about Somoko (Somoko is extremely powerful, but his body is too weak to handle it, if he tries to use it, he becomes ill, the more power he used/uses the worse he gets, sometimes he get’s so bad he starts coughing and vomiting blood, someday it’ll kill him, whether he uses it on purpose or on accident. His twin, Sonoko, has always taken it as his responsibility to help prevent his brother from doing this, but he finally realizes in a spinoff called Somoko’s Journey that he can’t save him, he literally breaks down to their mother after they almost lost Somoko, the needle represents the injection their older sister developed to help slow down any deterioration immediately after using his power, dunno if that’s accurate though, instead of two people kissing, I was gonna put food since he loves food, but…the colors weren’t working)


I just realized…Sonoko’s name is NOT where I had it…Canva did this earlier too :expressionless:

Edit: Nevermind, it was cropped when I was viewing it :joy:



And here it is, the SoD trilogy


Genre: Fan Fiction

Intended feelings: Mystery, Magic and Astronomy



Personally, I don’t see much room for improvement. I just want to get another designers perspective on it as you for sure know all too well, when you look at your own work for too long, you start overseeing things :smiley:
Thank you!! xx


Title: Simple Dreams
Genre: Teen fiction
Feelings: Simplicity



Finally getting around to this because IDK why but the past two days have just decided to be busy for me. The covers fit nicely and they look really good together. The first cover is a little awkward because the text is in a different place than the two other covers, but I at least understand it because it would cover the lower half of the horse’s face if it was moved. Overall, I think it was much better than your previous covers and that it really has that heart-pumping feeling with it.

If I had to suggest one more change, although these look pretty final so I doubt that will happen, it would be to get rid of the handwritten “or”. The type of style just really detracts from the theme of “adventure, intense, dramatic, fighting, powerful,” kind of theme you have going on. But that’s literally it. These covers look pretty good.


Hey friend! Sorry I took so long to respond to this! Normally I can get back within the same day but it’s just been hectic for me lately.

As for improvement, you’re right. Looking a this there’s very little that I can actually suggest to you. It accomplishes all of the intended feelings you wanted, it markets to the right people, it is very detailed, whimsical and magical, and tells a really interesting story. The only two things that I can say is 1. this cover is beautiful and I love it but I feel like it’s wayyyyy to complex for the readers at wattpad. and 2. The text at the bottom saying that it’s a J.K. Rowling based story would never be read because the text is too small. Even I can barely read it and it’s larger than what will be see in Wattpad.

(To expound a little more on 1… readers on Wattpad aren’t looking for sophisticated, beautiful covers like these. If you published a book with this cover, I have no doubt that it would sell well and that you’d have people all across the globe gushing about how beautiful it is. But for readers on wattpad… think about being one of those mass-marketer people. They have to shove something bright, colorful and simplistic in your face and scream “buy it! Buy it! Buy it!” to get your attention. Same thing here on Wattpad. And while this is a gorgeous cover, I don’t know if it will bring in the reads you’re looking for.)

And I cannot say how much I agree with this statement. It’s a motto that I feel like should be put EVERYWHERE. Slap that thing on billboards, slap that thing on as a tattoo, make it into a t-shirt. :joy::joy::joy:


Hi friend! I was getting around to reviewing covers and I noticed that you posted something that looked like a purple journal with white text plastered on it. I wanted to make sure that that’s the image you wanted me to review, and/or if this wasn’t a prank. If it’s not, I’ll review as honestly and as thoroughly as I can, I just wanted to clear that up first.


Thank you for your detailed feedback! HIGHLY appreciated!
I totally see what you mean. The cover originally was made with printing in mind. Not really Wattpad at all. And I just exported it because I liked it that way.
But I 100% agree that it’s probably not the right thing for Wattpad thumbnails.
Sooo, I’m going to try out a cover with an actual photo now. And I’m going to be so free and tag you in it to give your masterful advice again hehe.
Thank you, really! <3


No problem! If you ever have anything else you want a second opinion on, feel free to send it my way!


@EverestNeverlynn Those are the ones :wink:
Do you think they will work better now?
Thank you already! <3


Yup! The ones with the faces are really good for wattpad and they keep your whole theme that you’re doing, so I’d say they’re perfect!


Awesome! Thank you so much!!
Now it’s only a matter of choosing the right one. The next dilemma haha


Isn’t that always the hardest first world problem? XD XD XD XD


yeeaah…… I’m never complaining ever again : D : D




It’s not a prank.