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Hi, I’ve made a cover for my book but I don’t feel like it looks enough like a book cover. Thanks

TITLE Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human
THEMES : humor, depression, love…

SUMMARY I’m starting this story where this girl tries to make her way through life while trying not to take the absudity of existence too seriously. :wink:

"-I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Fair enough."

Here’s a little quote

I waved at her and made my way down the stairs and through the glass door of the bulding. I closed it, feeling the cold handle on my fingers and the crispy winter air engulf me in a warm embrace.
What a lovely day not to commit suicide, I thought to myself before heading to my house.


Genre: Fantasy

Intended feelings: Excitement, Intrigue


I also have an older one:


is there place for my cover also?


Hi friend, I hope I didn’t insult you assuming it was a prank. It’s just that the cover is the wrong formatting for Wattpad, so I assumed that I was being punked, or that you had sent the wrong image at the minimum.

Anyway, here’s some helpful tips in starting to make a cover that fits the needs of Wattpad:

  1. You’ll need the image to be 512x800 px.
  2. Avoid red backgrounds or large amounts of red as wattpad can’t seem to handle the red.
  3. Super high quality covers seem to lose a lot of their detailing. Stick to something simple.
  4. If you need a website that can really help you speed up your cover designing I suggest these three: Canva.com, Befunky.com, and Pixlr.com
  5. When you’re starting to design your cover, don’t include the word “By” next to your name. People will already know that’s your name.
  6. When you need to get rid of text, don’t hide it with a block of solid cover unless the background you’re working with is a single, solid cover. For example, when I designed this cover in my series…
    The part of the ribcage is actually a full skeleton. However, I was able to hide all of the rest of the design because the background was one solid color and all I had to do was take shapes, make them that color, and then place them over the parts I didn’t want to be seen. If you don’t know how to do this, or if you have photoshop, a better effect could be achieved through the clone stamp tool or the healing brush.
  7. Try to avoid using images like the one that you’re using which have clearly been untampered, or unphotoshopped. The people who own the image could copyright claim your cover in a heartbeat if they found out you were using it. (The only exception to this being that you requested use for it.)

Since your cover doesn’t really fit the wattpad requirements to be a cover, there’s not much else that I can tell you besides this advice which you can jump off from. If you redesign your cover meeting wattpad standards, I’ll probably be able to help you out a lot more! Thanks for reaching out though!


Yup! It might take me some time because I’m busy, but post it and I’ll get around to it!


Hey friend, I really don’t have time to read any books and this isn’t a book sharing thread. In the future, please only post your cover (and don’t add any links to it) so you don’t get my thread shut down. I’ve built a lot of credibility through this and having it shut down would really wreck me.

As for your cover…

Your cover looks pretty good. I only have a couple suggestions for you.

  1. Remove the word “by” from your name. Everyone already knows that’s your name. You don’t need to add it on there.
  2. I suggest changing up some of the font choices since your title is so long. As a suggestion, keep “Therapy Sessions” and “functioning human” (whatever two parts you think are the most important of your title) in your handwritten (it’s called script but idk if you’d understand that) font. Then put “of an almost” in a font that’s simpler, less complex, and not as standing out. The suggestion for this is on Wattpad, people are scrolling through their feeds and you only have one or two seconds to catch their attention. Since you have so much text going on, it kind of just blends into everything and doesn’t really make anything stand out. So doing something like that would probably catch people’s attention more.
  3. The color of your title is very strange. It looks like you used a layer or an effects tool on it and it really doesn’t make much sense. I’d say take the brighter blue out of the title and make all of the text that same color, that way it really pops against that bright yellow background.
  4. Try moving around the word “functioning”. It’s right below “of an almost” and since your text appears to be gradually moving to the side, it breaks up the rhythm of the piece.

Other than that, I think your image has really good composition. It has good colors, a good vibe/theme. Just please remember, if you ever decide to post on this thread again, cover only. Seriously. It means a lot to me that we keep this thread the way that it is.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. My aim was not to promote my book but to give you as much information as possible.
Thank you for your review.


Hey friend! Sorry for not being able to reply within the same day but you know how life be :wink: Anyway, moving onto the whole reason why you posted on this thread…


So I’m going to start by analyzing what you wanted your covers to portray. When I saw these covers, my mind initially went to Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. They have a very similar feel and style to them.


However… that is a bad thing considering that Dark Matter is a science-fiction thriller and you want your novels to represent fantasy. (To be honest, when I saw your book covers, I initially thought that they were thrillers. Especially the cover for the first cover. I thought that was something to do with spies, detectives, etc. So we’re really far off on the marketing here.)

As for the feelings that you wanted the cover to envoke, you actually did pretty well. For the first cover, you really hit the nail on the head for excitement and intrigue. I had more of a tense, time is running out kind of feeling for the second cover, mixed with a little intrigue. I think your newer cover is the better out of the two, but again. Since the covers aren’t portraying fantasy, that doesn’t really matter.

First and foremost, you want your covers to portray your designated genre. And trust me when I say that this is SUPER important. You should see the book reviews on books whose covers or blurbs don’t portray the book the way that it is. (If you want to see how poorly it gets taken, feel free to google reviews/rants about Black Heart by Nicole Castroman or Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard.) So I’m going to help you focus on some elements of fantasy covers that I think you could draw inspiration from based on elements already on your covers!

(The last one looks like a prototype but it still has some really good fantasy themes going on in it so I included it.)




eyefantasy1 eyefantasy2

(As for colors, you really need to be selective on which ones you want. As you can see, fantasy leans a little bit towards more jewel/dark tone, solid colors. But something like that is up to you.)


You’re welcome.

The reason why I said it sounded like advertising was because you included a link, title, and quote. As a graphic designer reviewing covers, I don’t need any of those things because those things should already be on the cover if they were that important. Since they’re not, I saw that as advertising.

If you went to someone to get a cover designed though, they would probably need some of that information. Maybe not the quote, but definitely the other stuff.


Six of Crows :heart:






Honestly, what would I give to have spin off book only about Kaz? My soul, probably, along with all my money.


Grisha Trilogy? Nikolai Lantsov? Because him? Oh yeah, he’s a favorite. Can’t wait to get my hands on King of Scars


Don’t spoil anything for me! I’m starting the grisha trilogy for the first time next week!




I won’t! Did you finish the Six of Crows Duology?


Yupppp! I finished both of the books!


I feel if I say this about the duology, it may be a spoiler for the Grisha Trilogy, you will realize it once you get a ways into it


Then don’t say it lol XD