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This one was made by somebody completely different than the person who made the other 3, the story has to do with Androids and there is a revolution which is a big part of it, but it has to do with humanity clashing with technology and accepting that even if something isn’t flesh and blood, it was made by them, it has all the aspects they do, they bleed, even if it isn’t red, they love and they grieve, even if they are made up of wires and programming, they can also break that programming and become more human than humans themselves are (at least with how people have become in the story)

Also, Sci-fi


Hmmm, I think I see what you’re getting at. I’m someone who, aesthetically, likes looking at covers that appear more artistic than simplistic. Something along the line of comic book or graphic novel-esque covers appeal to me greatly, and that’s what I wanted to capture with the cover for my novel. Something generally out of the norm.

I could DM you if you’d like and we can speak further about covers, but only if you have a spare moment =) With it being the holidays and all, I know time is scarce.


Thank you =) Which cover? The alley one or the red and white one?


Dude, lemme talk to you about time. I am sick. I can’t go anywhere to visit anyone. I’m sitting home alone because I can’t do anything else. Also, I will be on the hunt for something more aesthetic then. Give me a moment and I’ll start pulling up references that we can look at and talk about.


lol well then I’m glad I can help stave off the boredom (though I’m sorry to hear you’re kinda quarantined)


the alley one


Ah okay =) Thank you again! I think my friend did a bang-up job with it. She really captured the feel for the story, at least to my eye


This cover is the best so far out of the four. But it still needs some work.

The words at the top stick out a lot more than they should because the font looks awkward and the brightness is a little too much. As for the bottom, I would’ve eliminated the shadow behind “Alive” It doesn’t really give much depth to the word like the designer had been intending and it just distracts. And your name should be brighter and scooted down just a tiny, tiny bit. Seriously, I don’t know what is up with designers but the name is just as important as the title. O.o


If that’s how you feel about the cover, then we could work with the image itself. Image manipulation is also something I’m pretty good at. The question is, do you have access to the image and what is it’s size?


Also, I love the last cover you showed me a lot. Do you mind if I play with it and redesign it?


In regards to both pieces I’ve posted on here, I’ve got the original .psd files and the flattened jpeg files. Both psd files are pretty largely formatted, from what I can remember.

I’m not necessarily worried about photo manipulation if the existing image isn’t one that would initially grab someone’s attention long enough to read the title and then either flip it open or click a link. At this point, I’m open for suggestions so long as there are no stereotypical women posed on the front cover (I can’t convey how much I hate the over-use of women glancing over their shoulders, looking seductively at me, or looking windswept)


(I can’t convey how much I hate the over-use of women glancing over their shoulders, looking seductively at me, or looking windswept)

LOLLLLLL THAT COMMENT JUST MADE MY DAY. I agree friend, I agree. It’s a little over the top. And we can definitely work on something without that.


FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREE WITH ME!! Oh man, I just…hate it so, SO much XD

Are you familiar with the cover of Ken Liu’s “The Grace of King’s” cover?

I really enjoyed the simplicity of it and the use of a black background to offset the helmet and daisy in the foreground. Something that came to mind looking at it would be to have a similar setup going on for my cover only replace the helmet and daisy with a close-up of someone (probably my female MC) in a kneeling position like they’re pushing themselves up off the ground. Where their fingers curl into the dirt, blue shoots of roots extend down towards the author’s name.

Or, alternatively, forego the use of a person and go back to the symbol you found interesting in the first post I made and go for something a little closer to Garth Nix’s novel “Lirarel”


I could do either. I’m not one of those people who produces a cover in an hour, so you’ll have to give me a couple days, but I’ll see what I can do.


Yo man, you take all the time you need. If you need a clearer shot of the sigil from the fist cover it’s this


Ooh! I can do that! Thanks!


I don’t mind


Okay. So I’m working on the first concept right now, which is the one where you wanted a girl sticking her hands in the earth. It’s a little difficult finding a girl “kneeling”. You wouldn’t think it is but omg everyone makes everything so sexual. So I’m afraid this is all I have for now.


I’m trying to keep some of the blues in there since you really seemed to like blue. The title will be blue as well if you like what you see and you want me to continue.

I can enhance the brightness, make it darker, change the font at the bottom with your name into something else… whatever you want me to do. This is just a starting point to see if you’re liking this or if you want me to switch and focus on the other concept.


I can see where you’re going with this and I’d like to see a clearer concept brought to light. I admit, at first, it was hard to figure out what was going on because I mistook the grass and the girl as a paw print in snow. Maybe do away or shorten the grass?

If you give me a few days, I can sketch up and overall idea I had in mind when I sent you the examples. Or we can follow this vein and see where it goes. All up to you.


If you don’t mind, I think I can get things closer to what you want if you send me sketches. I think that that would give me a better jumping off point, if you know what I mean.