Want Your Cover To Look Better? I Can Help!!! || Critiques and Graphic Design Advice || Temporarily closed



Any designers that I would recommend personally…? hmmm. Give me a moment. I’ll find some and attach links.


Thank you so much!


This one seems to know what they’re doing, although you’ll have to provide images: still life || open

This one looks like they specialize in more fantasy/magic based covers: you and i ☾ open

Okay. Trying to find people I would suggest turns out to be harder than I thought it would be and scrolling down has made me the dizziest person in the world because it feels like I’m flipping over and over again and woahhhhhhhh. Anyway. I would try to go to the You and I one first and the Still Life second.


Ahh dizziness isn’t fun :joy: thank you for the help!!


You’re welcome! And if you want to practice, I suggest opening a thread offering to make simple covers. Start small, use the advice I gave you, and then practice, practice, practice. You’ll get better and better as you go and then next thing you know you won’t need someone like me telling you how to do better because you’ll be better than me!


I think I’ll try that :slight_smile: although I highly doubt I’ll be better than you XD


I finally got your images and you’re using a horse??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: O.o


That’s alright. I get the feeling the writer was retired and had money so wanted to publish so bad they self-published.

BTW, I’m not 100% sure I can share the author and title here. Many authors self-publish, but use a made-up publishing company’s name so the book will look “polished” and “traditionally published” to the casual Amazon reader. So I could be breaching confidentiality, and I’d hate to have 99 Designs yank my account. It paid for my Christmas.

But I have a few sold book covers in the portfolio I share with all my clients. But I change the author’s name and title to keep them shielded for the same reason.


He also is in there, Argo, a massive war horse, a gift from a tribe leader, Anastasia, vying for the throne and battling on the side of the survivors, he is given to my MC and along with Ghost, her humongous wolf, saves her life multiple times


Huh. Okay. I’ll trust you on that. I usually work for things like cities and police departments so I can’t really have a “breach of confidentiality” since my work is plastered literally everywhere and on every known public resource. But wow. You seriously made that much off of a couple of covers that you were able to pay for Christmas?


Ok. Makes sense. Although I’m just going to point out that a horse isn’t really the animal one would think of when they think mystery.


Well, the island he is from is full of mystery, the animals are much larger than normal, the average size of the wolves alone is about just under the chest of a fully grown average human, Ghost is large for a wolf of the island, standing about even with my MC’s chest at only a year old, by the end of the series he will by about shoulder to shoulder with her

The horses are pretty normal in size, but even they have shown that they can grow massive as well


No. I average almost 2 covers a month from 99 Designs, and work it in my free time 9 months a year. The annoying thing is that only about 80% of the contests you “win” pay. And those that do are often months in arrears. But they’ll net me anywhere from $250 to $600 (sometimes more, but those high-paying jobs are rare) per project, depending on design complexity and the author’s (or publishing house’s) budget.

As an FYI, I am not a designer by trade. I’m an industrial engineer. I took up design when we laid off our catalog design team in 2007. I had done some graphics work for our intranet, so they asked me to work on the 2008 catalog. I took fine arts classes in high school and college, so I have a decent eye. As a result, the work turned out pretty good.

Since then, I’ve continued overseeing the catalog’s design and our internet site’s graphics even though we sub-contract a design team now. But I’ve mastered Photoshop, Gimp and Inkscape, and actually taken courses in graphics design at our local community college. And it;s a welcome distraction to resource planning and poring over quality data.

I’m thinking of ditching the boring engineering stuff to design full-time when my kids are through college. But who knows? I’m wondering who would hire a 55-year-old rookie. :slight_smile:


Alright. That also makes sense. I don’t really have it in me to write a huge long review for these, but I can give you the basics.

If you’re looking for mystery, choose cover 2.

If you’re looking for the better designed cover but does not read mystery, choose cover 1.

Cover 1 says: Survival, danger, on the run, intense, thriller, etc. And is the better designed, although I want to smack whatever designer made your name so small. Seriously, how do they expect anyone to be able to read that on this website? Wattpad is ridiculous with it’s inabilty to zoom in on covers. There’s no way anyone would be able to see your name if the cover shrunk to the size it would.

Cover 2 says: smoke, mystery, strange, possibly dangerous. Although the title and the image itself is good, I also want to smack the designer for doing the same thing to your name and not changing up the fonts. Seriously. Smacking would be my full time job on this website. The only thing that saves it is the fact that the spacing between the letters is different and the trilogy part isn’t all caps or otherwise there would be more smacking.

So yup. Those are my unprofessional thoughts. Man I’m tired. XD XD XD XD


That’s fine XD


It definitely is better than the last one for this series, they are also doing the other two, I am curious as to what they will do for that one :thinking: I was surprised when they decided to do the horse, the last person seemed to ignore it (I figured animals would help unify the covers since they take place in such drastically different settings)


Huh. That’s interesting. I have never had a job with a company. I’m a teenage, self-taught artist who has always been self-employed or employed by my parents, which coincidentally tend to be the people who help run the city/area I live in. Kind of obnoxious that they use me to get the “family discount” but at least I have rocks and medallions covered in my art. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And I’m sure someone would hire you. I mean, they’re trying to hire me when they technically can’t because I don’t have an official business lisence sooooo… from what I’ve learned. People are greedy for graphic art. If you are anywhere near decent at it, they’ll hire you. It’s kind of the untapped, unspoken market. Everyone wants good art, but no one talks about making it.


I agree. The animals are definitely unifying your covers. I think the reason why the last person ignored it is a horse has such a strong emotional connection to it that it really struggles to blend into any cover easily. That’s why you don’t see it very often. And I certainly think this artist was much better than your other two. It’s an Ever Approved design!


Oh my gosh, I just looked at a couple chapters and looking at it I already am picking apart what it wrong with it

  1. Um…most have only 1 in the thousand place for word count, not many over 2,000 so far…most of my chapters break 3,000, the last one I worked on almost reached 6,000 and the longest one I have ever written was close to 7,000
  2. So many grammatical errors
  3. Rushed
  4. Just…deep sigh so much…that’s all I can say

Everything about my writing has changed a lot, I hardly even recognize some of it, and also, I can’t even really remember much of it and I am currently getting so much Deja Vu while typing right now it is confusing me


If you really don’t remember that much of it, you definitely want to reread it. That’s what I have to do with writing that I take a break on. Otherwise I’ll mess up the whole thing and leave plot holes everywhere.