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I am editing the fist book, I remember where I was taking it, for instance, here is a few facts I forgot.

  1. Ghost still isn’t fully grown
  2. Ashley’s mother had an affair with a native of the island and managed to keep it a secret
  3. Ashley’s mother died in an accident, but it was really the E.R.E.B.U.S agents silencing her
  4. Ashley’s ‘father’ died of cancer
  5. Tanya saved like, everyone during the last major battle

There is more I most likely forgot and as I go down memory lane, it is gradually coming back to me

I figured if I was revamping the contents of the series, I might as well revamp the covers as well


I remember how the entire series ends as well…it’s a bit of a bittersweet ending


Go for it!~ I need to do that myself. Although I’ve been spending the better part of my time working on a new book. Hoping to get to the half-way mark before March.


Heh…yeah…looking at my Wattpad you can say the same!

I am hoping to be able to publish after my 18th birthday but before my 19th one, to do that, I want to have one of my stories (in itself) ready to go. I am actually thinking about saving up money for a cover designer for when I am ready to publish it, or maybe even an editor, not too sure yet on if I will try self-publishing first or looking into actually getting published. I may decide to save up for college instead though, but there is nothing going towards college right now, not even from my family, pretty much I’m on my own if I want to go to college. I asked my mom if after I graduate and such if I could maybe move in with her for a year or so while I figure out what exactly I’ll do…

She said “call me when you’re moving in, I’ll be there with the truck in a heartbeat”. She really wants to see me get published and such as well


I will have 3 candidates to prepare within the next year (one is a WIP right now, but I hope to have it finished within this next year, it is the one I have spent the longest on so far)

So I will either have Kassidy, Survive or Die, or Legend to choose from


Well there’s pros and cons to publishing and self publishing.


  • Depending on the company you don’t get a say in the cover. Although some companies are getting better about that.

  • you only get about 30% of the total profits. So if they make 100,000 off your book, you get 30,000. Not a bad deal for someone who has never worked a job before, but that’s minimum wage for most people so…

  • Traditional publishing takes longer. It can take anywhere from 2 to 3 years on average. I’ve never heard of a new author getting published in a shorter length than that.

  • Butttt, your book will be more well known, people will take you more seriously, and you are more likely to see it in a library or book store.

Self publishing

  • You’ll have to do all the marketing, book cover, page design, and editing. Self publishing is easily more time consuming and expensive off the bat. You’ll be spending, on average, about 500$ for a book cover, anywhere from 100-500$ per editor, and then 100$+ for page design and marketing.

  • But, you’ll get to keep about 97-99% of your profits. Only, your profits will be significantly less and a lot of your sales will come from Ebooks.

  • However, a lot of this would be easier if you have a larger following (Professional peoples call it a platform but pshhh)


If I had to publish a book right now, I’d probably choose my psychological, fantasy/sci-fi book, Red. This World We Live In is a good candidate, but I really want to progress more as a writer before I drop that bombshell on this world.


Ashley Sutters was a paramedic, struggling with personal issues and figuring out life along with her best friend and roommate, Tanya.

Her brother, Spencer, is in the military, when he is injured and sent home, he goes straight to his little sister.

After a few months of recovery, the three decide to go have fun one last time before he returns to service.

But on that night, they’re ambushed.

Ashley, Tanya and Spencer find themselves on an island, at first believed to be unhibaited…they soon learn it is home to dangerous tribes, abnormally large animals and deadly night storms.

Caught in a war between tribes, and discovering other survivors on the island with a story similar to their own, they only have one thing on their minds: get home.

The only question is…will they survive or die?

Or maybe…even thrive?

I took the old description and revamped it already, it was a quick like 2-minute thing that I most likely need to revise once again at some point in time


Also, something I asked once before in one of my own threads and all I got was the basics…but…

How the flip do I describe a dragon???

I can’t really see my dragons in my head because I have no clue how to describe them, a big problem since they’ve been around for about 3 books now…and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon :woman_shrugging:



I don’t know.


I have never had to describe a dragon before.


Literlly all the advice is “Do they have scales” to which I answer yeah, then this is what I get “then say they have scales”

I have said they had horns and spikes and frills, also tried to give size comparisons, but it is not easy

It is easier than descriving my Divines in their True Forms…


Lol my brain is so dead my answer to all of this is: yes. :joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:


Thank you so much for your help! I love this advice and it helps me a lot.

I designed it, and the font is Atma Light, a font I grabbed off the canva selection which I assume is gucci to use. (It doesn’t have a bold option for it so I had to go in to a drawing software and manually draw over it to make it look thicker on the second cover, which might be why it’s not as recognizable.)

Border? Frame? That’s all I can think of lol I don’t know the exact word either.

Quick query: by ‘aligning the heights’ do you mean aligning the heights of the letters between themselves or aligning the heights of the whole line of text better?

Anyway, thank you very much! All this is very helpful, and will do on the changes.


Then you don’t need to worry at all. It will be fine.

Yes. Border! That’s the word I was looking for!

And as for your final question, tightening the heights between all the letters, throughout all the text, will do. Again, it doesn’t need to be anything wild, just little changes will make the difference while maintaining the style.


So like, making the up and down letters closer together height wise?

Oh my god, you said it two times in the post! :joy:

Saying something and then immediately forgetting the word for it in the same post is literally the biggest mood I’ve ever seen.



Genre: Horror
Feel: Horror


Genre: Action
Feel: Well, hard to explain, but this does it for me


Heyo! Sorry I couldn’t get to this earlier but here ya go!

Cover 1:
There is so much going on in this cover. WAYYYYYYYY too much. There’s texture, color, patterns, shapes, different fonts, different sizes, and then this really random blue spot in the middle of the red. But for more specifics…

I don’t know what texture was used for the image but it’s not doing what it needs to do. It’s just making the image look more cluttered than it was before and not in a good way.

The text/font is odd. It’s hard to see because it blends in, the texture to it looks unprofessional and overly dramatic by the time you come to the words "the end’. Plus, I didn’t even realize the word “of” was even on the cover until I stared at it for a good two minutes. I just thought it was called, “the beginning, the end”.

The pattern and shapes are weird for this. You have hands and bodies that give the feeling of ghosts, demons or possibly zombie-like entities. Then you have this eye thing slapped in them middle of it. These are two concepts that probably should’ve been executed in two different ways instead of combining them together.

The font on the bottom that was used wasn’t bad, but again, DESIGNERS! TAGLINE IS NEVER LARGER THAN THE AUTHORS NAME. And furthermore, if they were going to put the tagline like that, they should’ve put your name at the top and separated the text so it didn’t look like it was running together in this case, where it does.

As for the feeling of the cover, it is horror, but it needs A LOT of work to satisfyingly reach that “horror” or “suspense” feeling that usually goes with the genre.

Cover 2:

I don’t know who designed this cover for you but this is easily the best cover that I’ve seen on this thread so far. The color palette is consistent, the graphics are there but not overwhelming, the elements of the image are intriguing and have solid focal points, the border, font, and decals are amazing and not only center and ground the image the way that it needs to be, but it also offers a deeper character to the story. Honestly, whoever designed this cover for you needs to be given an award because they are good at what they do.

If I could make only two suggestions on this cover it would be: 1. change the title a little bit more so it has more of a white element and it makes it a little easier for your eyes to spot, and 2. the border line on the right edge is off just the tiniest bit. Nothing huge, but if you look at the cover, you might notice it. Otherwise, (while I’m not a fan of it usually being this way) the font worked well for both title and name, the fire was just right, the wings were noticeable, but not consuming, and it really hit that “possible magic, adventure, action, intrigue”, kind of vibe.


I didn’t even see this until you pointed it out


Yeah, they said when they delivered it that horror is a thing they don’t usually do but they felt like trying, the eye is supposed to just be red (not glowing, wasn’t even remotely close to doing so in my reference image) because my MC is bitten and…sorta turned into a zombie. The zombie virus mutated when she was infected with it, so she is human, but she can go into what I call Z mode, and this is when she becomes like 10x more dangerous than a normal zombie but can be killed the same way as them (so, the hands I am assuming were supposed to be zombies) but my reference only had a dark red eye with very pale, very white skin


The one for Kassidy is my favorite, and it was @tittylord who designed it! They are doing one for the sequel, Natalie (I am having them do it way ahead of time since by the time I get to it they may or may not still be designing on here, but I will feature it in Kassidy)