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Hey friend! You’re welcome! I just say it as I see it. That’s kinda my whole job on this thread.


Hi friend! Sorry it took me so long to get to this. I’ve been a bit slammed at the moment.

So let’s analyze this cover, shall we?

You said that your genre was teen and dystopian fiction. Unfortunately, when I see this cover, I don’t think either of those. My brain goes along the lines of “memoir, historical fiction, bibliography”. And there are a few reasons why for that. 1. You have this really dark, contemplative, almost “thinking”/“pondering” background. Those are usually adjectives that are related to more sophisticated works of literature like classics and self-help books, rarely teen or dystopian fiction. 2. The crown decal that you included helps solidify this as it has that same complex, elegant kind of appearance to it that helps feed into it. 3. Your name as a stripe at the bottom. I know this is a trend that is coming back, but it hasn’t quite made its full swing back into the teen and youth genres. Typically, the stripes on the edges are reserved for more adult fictions. Overall that leads to “memoir, historical fiction, and bibliography”.

When you said you wanted the main feelings one would have in this is interest and intrigue, I’m sorry to say that I had neither of those feelings as well. The most interesting/intriguing part of this cover is the crown. However, that is such a small part of your cover. The font is basic and nothing special. You could achieve much better fonts using a website like Pixlr.com, Canva.com, Befunky.com, etc. Furthermore, nothing about the background or the stripe at the bottom says “wow! I’d like to read that book!” To me. To achieve that really interesting/intriguing feeling, you’re going to need a complex color palette, one that complements itself such as polarizing colors or monochromatic colors. Colors like: red and black, would be polarizing. Colors like: blue, gray, white, black, would be all pretty monochromatic. Either way, think of a theme and ask yourself, do these colors match my theme? If my theme is rebellion, then perhaps I should focus on something bright like oranges, reds, or yellows. If my theme is more contemplative, inward, and thoughtful, then perhaps I should focus on richer, deeper colors, like jewel tones. Etc.

Some random off the top of the head things about this cover: 1. the quality is pixelated, meaning it’s too small. Whoever did this cover needed to get a bigger image when they made it, but instead stretched it out and because of that, the image looks really blurred. 2. The details in the crown are lost because they’re so tiny. You probably wouldn’t be able to see half of that if you posted this as a Wattpad cover, because Wattpad shrinks things making it even harder to see. 3. The font for your name is a good one, but it’s awkward on that random stripe of green that has nothing else to do with the cover. I suggest you remove the green and simply leave the name as it is.


Heyo! Sorry this took me a day to get around to but you know how the New Years be…


Out of the two that you presented, I feel like number one achieves the feeling of magic, fantasy, dark fantasy, and mystery, better than cover two. Cover one is very dark (hence why it hits that dark fantasy) it has the beautiful, scroll/handwritten text which hits your fantasy point. As for magic, neither cover really screams magic to me. However, the first cover does read mystery, strange, and unusual.

As for the second cover, it is highly organized and it is very beautiful, but it hits absolutely none of the points you wanted your cover to envoke to your reader. To me, when I look at that cover, especially with an eye behind it, it reads as a self-help book, or something that a really famous person put out to show you a little bit more about their life. Even though it is the prettier cover, it looks way too professional and sterilized to really be considered “magical” or “fantasy”. If you want to include borders around your book, you might want to include something like these.


All three have borders that I would say have a sense of magic or fantasy to them. They’re complex, but not overwhelming.

If I had to suggest a direction to take any future covers, I would say stick with the natural aspect and the darker blues that you have on the first cover. You don’t necessarily need to stick with the fonts, as fantasy fonts are pretty interchangeable at times, but those two elements are a good jumping off point.


Thank you so much!! This was super helpful!


You’re welcome! I’m glad this helped!



Got the second book cover (yes I know, no new title, but, like with the Legend Series, I feel there is no way to rename each book, it’s all one big story, I don’t see what name I could give the second two though) I also just realized that Survive kinda blends with the wolf and pointed that out to them


Your covers keep getting better! Your name is legible and clean, everything is in respectable sizing. You’re right, survive does blend in a little. It isn’t as bad as it could be, but it does blend. And “or” blends in too. I would also suggest to the cover artist that she use a different font than a handwritten or. It just seems a little off compared to the rest of the image. Other than that. I think everything is where you want it to be. It says magic, mystery, adventure, danger, etc. It’s got a really cool, interesting and focused vibe to it.


I believe they are currently working on the third one with the scorpion, this artist also did the one for my lore book for the Legend Series when nobody else I went to could do what I was looking for well or would even try


It isn’t perfect, but I like it


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I recently redid my covers. I had fun with it but I would like to hear anyone’s opinion.

Original covers:


New Covers:


Genre: Teen Fantasy

Intended feels: mystery, allure, magic


I’ll get to your book cover review either later tonight or tomorrow but omg! That’s basically like saying “well yeah, you aren’t that important to this design and I’d rather not because I think it’s ugly” like DA FUK! Jacksepticeye and Markiplier are aliases and are ridiculous yet that’s how millions of people know them! And they don’t even personally know the youtuber! J.K. Rowling. Lemony Snicket!!! My goodness what kind of lack of common sense is that?!


These two are amazing and their videos and even though they are never talking to anyone in particular most of the time, those short videos where they just sit down and talk to you without actually talking to you actually have helped me get through more than one rough patch


Well, apparently I was smack talking them when I didn’t even say who they were and now a moderator is being notified, whatever, I deleted the reply anyway to save hassle

I also was called childish, I dunno how, but I’m not saying anything or I’ll be told I’m still trash talking

Guess I take after my grandmother and have a knack for pissing people off :unamused:


Sorry for not replying. And I know what you mean. Part of the reason why I didn’t reply was because I didn’t want to yelled at for hassling people either. (I have a tendency to go overboard and put my foot in my mouth.) But that’s their own damn fault.

If they are so unprofessional as to not listen to their client, be unable to fulfill a request that they technically promised when they offered to do covers, and not even recognize the importance of the elements of their covers, then they’re a bad designer. It’s as simple as that. You can’t work in this industry, or even practice in this industry, and blatantly ignore the person who you’re working for. That’s not how things work. So forgive me if I think that you were on the right side, even if they determined you to be “childish”.

And if you take after your grandmother, she must’ve been a wonderful woman.




She was, not the same without her in her chair, randomly taking her bra off and throwing it across her house and saying “my titties need to breathe!”

She also kept telling my mother to get a backbone and would snort whenever my mom’s husband walked out of the room


AHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA That’s the best! My grandmother is very mild and so I learned all my stubbornness on my own, but I can’t even imagine doing something like that. My parents would slaughter me where I stood if I randomly threw my bra in the house. But the backbone thing… I tell people to get that a lot. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I actually wrote a passionate letter to my college professor telling him everything he was doing wrong in his class and that he needed to grow up and get over himself. Good thing I sent that thing on the last day of the semester otherwise I might’ve had an awkward life after that.


My grandmother was a very…charismatic woman :joy: she’s who I aspire to be like, to just not give a shit what anyone thinks and to say what I have to say

She told me a story about her first husband (who went to prison for abuse) and he used to pull her hair so she said one day she went into the bathroom, put her hair in a ponytail, cut it off and then threw it at him and said “there, pull on that you son of a bitch!”

She never let anyone push her around, 'least not for long. She also knew how to forgive because years later after he was released from prison he showed up at some kind of party and helped him out (he was sick at the time I think) and even had a conversation with him if I remember right (I had no clue who he was at the time but he was apparently my actual grandfather)


Huh. She sounds like a resilient woman. If that’s who you want to be then I say go for it.