WANTED: Beta-Reader for Romance Fiction


Hi guys! So I’m still trying to figure out how these threads works so hopefully I did this right on the write club or category or whatever :flushed: lol I completed my story yesterday and I would really like someone to read it, I’m not sure if I want to write an epilogue or perhaps an alternate ending? Im satisfied with it as is, I just wondered if maybe I should consider an epilogue or something. I would really appreciate the help :relaxed:

  • Title: Don’t
  • Genre: Fiction > Romance > Military
  • Description:
    When the love of your life makes a commitment to save lives while risking his own it really makes you wonder… Am I really equipped to handle this?

Lexie and James had everything planned out. Harvard, marriage, kids, great life. When James decides to enlist in the Air Force Lexie is distraught, everything they had planned was thrown out the window.

Love, Lust, War, Death. James and Lexie are thrown into a twisted world and taken for a ride. With no control and no say in what’s to come, the best they can do is buckle in and hold on for dear life.

Wattpad username: Zelycha480

I don’t know if I should post a link to my story or if that goes against the rules but either way I would really appreciate if anyone can take the time out to give me some feedback, im super into romance and werewolf stuff so if you guys have anything like that that you would like some feedback on It would be my pleasure to return the favor!


Hello! Are you looking for comments on your Wattpad story or would you prefer feedback in the form of comments on a word/google doc? Could you share how long your story is as well?


Hello! I would appreciate some feedback on my wattpad story, its 33 chapters long each chapter is approx 1k words. Some chapters may have a little bit more than that but overall they aren’t very long chapters


And you would be okay with feedback in the form of inline comments? I tend to be pretty thorough and may leave a lot of comments–both constructive criticism and positive!

Also–I don’t think there’s a story posted on your profile at this point?


Yes that would be more than perfect thank you! I have the story posted on my account along with my other works but I wasn’t sure if I could put it on here because im still getting the hang of advertisement rules sorry :woman_facepalming: