War Fam


We said this will happen, and it has at last. Anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on, long story.

Umm, before I introduce the formalities of this thread, I must announce that today, October 8th 2018 is the day our dear friend, @thirteenways2die has signed off. She will be returning and joining us on April 8th 2020.

Now, onto the war fam. What is this? It’s a cult group of people who spend way too much time off track on the war thread, therefore, they must converse elsewhere.

Oh, and there’s this:

Add list:

Change Pfp:


@NotLikeYouThink Can we have the tag list.

Also, today’s number: 548


Wait what?!

Also I am her partner’s dad ^-^ Ello! :wave:t3:


I’m thoroughly confused but okay :joy:


I don’t understand can you help me


Oh and hiiii of course!


Well if you explain to me how you are confused I can possibly help you? xD




Uh, I would if I knew what was going on at this point XD I’m guessing you want me to direct you to this war thread I’m speaking of though


I don’t understand what is happening


Idk what you meant or who you were referring to when you said


@RockinRails01 … I think I got the icons mixed up and though that is who ya put… CARRY ON!~




:eyes: oh hey lol


OKay, so do you know who @thirteenways2die is? If not, it doesn’t really matter.

This thread is dedicated to the Word War thread–which if you look up, you can read more about it–we all met over there and formed a little disfunctional family so I made a thread so we can stop clogging up the other one with random convo

Lmao, lol



What’s going on with @thirteenways2die? :confused:


She’s leaving on a year and a half mission trip to Mexico today so we won’t be able to speak till then


Who is https@thirteenways2die


Oh okay. At least it’s nothing bad then.


Oh and @LigerCat, this is where it’s at

A friend

Yup! But she will still be missed dearly and we will count down the days until shw can comeback with fresh new and exciting stories to tell!