War Fam


tis the month of Battle Spirits!


ooo what’s that?


see above pic.

don’t watch that installment but same idea.


tempted to work on Nadine but :face_vomiting:


Oooo looks cool!

tempted to do my work but :face_vomiting:


Okie, I’ll comprimise with myself. I can study a bit for now and then go to bed, wake up at 4 am tomorrow and actually do my crap.

Now I need to make sure I don’t sleep through my alarm…


Lol I definitely did that last night.
Except I didn’t go to be early because my roommates’ toilet flooded. Then I got up early, wrote an essay, and decided to skip my first class so I could go back to sleep
College is an adventure kids


Lmao, sounds fun. Can I skip my first class? Thanks XD




What’s up?




THAT REALLY SUCKS. I hate when that happens :sob:


twas the WRONG ep… :scream::scream::scream:


What do you mean the wrong episode? Like you were watching in the wrong order?


no. they posted the s1 finale. not s2’s






I like need to write but dun wanna do anything but KoL… dec has batosupi to make up for it.

Poor Nadi’s being neglected, too…


Maybe just try to push through the next 2 days. It’ll just be that then December—today and tomorrow.

I wish I could finish reading your thing right now, but my sleeping situation at this house is so awkward and I barely wake up with enough energy to do the bare necessities which tend to be school; I haven’t even done my assignments for today cause parents put me in charge of brother and he won’t stop crying when he isn’t being carried. Almost the weekend, though. And it’ll also be December. Let’s both hold out!


sino is sort of a pest when she isn’t engaged or writing. I can give you war for assignments later.