War Fam


Oh, I see. Need any help?

By the way, @NotLikeYouThink, where did you go?




Okay. What are the targets?


to hit the daily mineral/vitamin targets


the most frustrating thing is that my mom said, “Oh, I think we have this…”

-_- not helpful…


I was playing skyrim sorry


Tbh I like 2 better (the clouds one) so I’m going with that one

@TheHermit_Crab yo. I’m doing the clouds one.


Love it! Gonna edit it in! Also, might disappear off the face of the earth till the end of the quarter cause I’m dying from school and finals soon, byeee


Oh, okay! Hope to see you alive.


Hope to see you alive too!


:confounded: want to write a non-KK book with people called Henry, Alice, and Tanith.



katy no understandy


y’all so i kind of accidentally wound up incorporating a threesome into my story and this subplot will probably be cut but like. i’m still bugging out about it.


Ever heard of my Key Keepers?






my feeling when i accidentally start writing a threesome:



MtK or KoL look familiar?


it wasn’t supposed to happen for either me or my characters, but just like my main character, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend while the three of them are drunk, it just kind of…did.


i think?