War Fam










why the question mark ?!


I questioned the question mark riddle me that XD


Idk, sorry :joy: guess you kinda popped out of no where and confused me. You new around this thread?



yeps ( now i understand the question mark )


Yeet! What brings you to the war fam? (dats goodie)


The name “War Fam”


Makes enough sense :joy: I thought we had this thread sunk so it surprises me to see new people here unless they were tagged. Guess something must’ve gone wrong with that, but when does it not, lmao.

What’s up with you? (and also, do you know about the word war thread?) (I’m typing one handed and it’s taking forever)


Shino only uses one hand. :rofl:


ye i understand the troubles of one handed typing. I got vaccines today and my arm is so sore, so i am using my left hand only but im right handed so OOF


shokugeki no soma ?


the cooking anime food wars?


Really? I’m not used to it so it’s kinda odd for me :joy:

OOF I’m just holding my homework in my other hand which is why I’m not using it


Shino is extremely right handed.


i got 3 vaccines and they all hurt


Is it bad that I just got an image in my mind of like a super muscular big right hand that’s like twice the size of your head :joy:



Uh… Shino is special needs and has motor delays… so yeah…