War Fam

  • meningococcal conjugate (Men-C-ACYW)
  • hepatitis b .
  • human papillomavirus ( HPV )

all de above and below :smiley:


That sucks. At least you’ve got your trusty right hand! We should write it a theme song!

Ooo, some of those are real painful :persevere:


yuck. Shino got those already she thinks


some or all -_-


uh… hows does one button pants or cut their steak?


xD im starting to question what shino we are talking about; ur name or from shokugeki no soma ?


Hey, I’m just trying to look on the bright side here. It must be really hard and I’m sorry if I’m coming off as rude; I really don’t mean to be.


don’t know what that is…

Shinomiya D. Ray…


tis just pain.


hey dont worry bout it we good i wasn’t trying to hurt ur feelings just putting perspective out there :smiley:


SO UR NAME GOT IT :smiley: ( correct me if im wrong tho )


I know this one! Shinomiya is from an anime and so is D. Ray and since you’re a fan of both, you used them in your username! (plz llet me be right for once *crosses fingers*)


probs are right tbh


Shino’s told me this before, but I’m not sure if I remember it all correctly


D. is from left half, Shinomiya is from right half, Ray is fromtheir friend’s name.




OO ok then D:


anyways gtg


Dec. is the month of battle spirits.