🚨 WARNING 🚨 Could be damaging to ignorance. ⚠ Enter at your own risk!⚠ UPDATED!

Important things to know and remember, about proper forum use and behavior, whether you’re a noob or have been around awhile.


All Community Mods Are Ambassadors.

But not all Ambassadors are Community Ambassadors / Mods.

image     image           image     image

Some Ambassadors have a sash and some don’t.

But you can always tell an Ambassador by the badge


on their main site Wattpad profile.

Any Ambassador can help you with general information about the main Wattpad site

But only a Community Ambassador / Mod can help you here in the Community forums.

In the forums, if you need help, you still look for the badge


Here in Community, only Community Ambassadors / Mods have the badge by their avatar.

image         image

Non-Community Ambassadors don’t.

image           image

The other Ambassadors are nice people, too, but they can’t help you with Community problems.

You can find a list of the Community Ambassadors In the thread Ask the Ambassadors Anything. So ASK AWAY!

Wattpad Ambassadors are volunteers who serve the Wattpad Community in their spare time.

They are not Wattpad staff.


KatherineArlene is the head of the Community Ambassadors.

Gav AKA The Orangutan is the head of the Ambassador program.

If you have questions or concerns about Community or The Ambassadors, you can contact them.



Please don’t tag the Community Ambassadors / Mods to draw attention to a problem.

That’s what the flags are for.

For the complete explanation check the thread: Flags :white_flag: and How to Use Them

Read the thread and acquaint yourself with the proper use of flags, including when, why and how to flag properly.

And please, please don’t tag non-Community Ambassadors about Community issues.



Threads that are closed are sent to the graveyard.

Leave them there.

Moving them will not open them back up again, and they were closed for a reason.

Generally, a thread that has been idle for one month is dead.

Don’t resurrect it. Flag it for disposal.



Remember, Wattpad is a global Community, comprised of many different cultures, traditions, beliefs and ethnic groups.


Practice tolerance and respect for all.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

You don’t have to like every belief or cultural tradition, but attacking people or groups of people is not allowed in Wattpad’s Community.

Written communication is not the same as talking face to face. There are no body language cues, tone of voice or facial expressions.



If you assume no offense was meant and don’t react with anger you can avoid misunderstandings and annoy a lot of troublemakers.

The proper response to a troll or instigator

is a FLAG!


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Let’s talk about Threadiquette.


Because being a member of a forum
is more than just being able to make a post.

All Community members can post
in any public area of Community.
There are threads that are not ‘public’
in the sense that they are not readily visible
such as Staff threads and
Book Clubs have their own designated area.
They are reserved for their members, please.

There are also occasionally posts
and even entire areas created and
maintained by Wattpad staff.
These have their own purposes
and often different Guidelines.

So, now let’s talk about the rest of
the Community.


The first thing you need to know is
what is and is not allowed.
In Community, these things are known as Guidelines.
You can find the Guidelines pinned
in each area of the Community.

A thread that is “About the …” is a Guideline thread.

Some of them say “How to get the most from …”.


Many of these are under a bold header that says
Read This First.


They’re done that way because you’re supposed to
read them first.


Besides telling you what is and isn’t allowed
in an area, the pinned Guideline threads tell you
what each area is for.
They all have their own particular purpose.

In any given area,
it’s usually helpful to read the pinned threads.
Not all are Guidelines, but even those that aren’t
have important information,
especially in the Wattpad Feedback and News.

The very best way to avoid problems is
Read the Guidelines.
And follow them.


If you have any questions
Ask the Ambassadors Anything.
The thread is in The Cafe area.
(In case I forget to update the link :worldsinsidemyhead:)


So, you’ve read the Guidelines
and looked around the Community.
Hopefully, you found some threads
that look interesting.

Before you jump right in a post,
let’s look at some basic thread courtesy.

Now, some threads are very long.
Not everyone wants to read through every post.

But before you make a post yourself:


The first post tells you what the original poster (OP)
expected when they made the thread.
It tells you if there’s a topic, or a special purpose
and the requirements (if any) for participation.

This is important, because not knowing these things
and posting in a manner not consistent with them
can get your post flagged.

It can also make people very unhappy.


Sometime threads have very specific purposes
and the posts all follow that track.


Others are just for chatting and having fun.


In the threads where a poster offers something
like a critique or other service
sometimes there are particular types of stories specified
And they will have a payment that must be followed
for them to provide the service.


In Story Requests, the poster will say
what kinds of stories they want
and often the kind they don’t.
If you think that your story might be
what they’re looking for
this is the only other place besides the
Share Your Story area that you can post a link.


Rating threads have a format
that needs to be followed
as do games.


If you don’t follow the required actions
your post can be removed.


Original Posters (OP’s) can’t exclude people from a thread.
OP’s can have a stated idea, purpose or theme
for the thread.

When posting in a thread
be a good guest.

If there's a topic, stay on it.


Now sometimes threads do start with a topic
then the group turns it into something else
and you can go right along.


But if a thread is still on topic
don’t go into the thread and
start talking about other things.
Don’t derail the thread.
It’s ugly.


Be polite.


Certain threads are hangouts
for certain groups and some threads
have their own history.

Join in, don’t be shy,
but keep in mind that there may be
some subjects or behaviors that
don’t belong there.


If you’re asked not to do something
don’t do it.


Also, don’t tag or gather a bunch of users
and go into a thread and take over.


That’s rude.

If you want to hang out and goof off
with your pals then start your own thread.


There's no reason to have fights and drama.


If we all pay attention to the Guidelines
show respect to others
and try to see the best in others …

Now go post!



In light of recent events, this is for clarification.


Talking to people online isn’t exactly the same as talking to them in person.

We don’t get to see or hear a lot of the things that tell us how someone feels, like their voice or the look on their face. That can make it hard to tell if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings by accident, and it can also make that person feel like you’re ignoring how they feel. @

The policies contained in the Wattpad Code of Conduct are the guidelines for personal interaction on Wattpad. There is a section specifically for Community that reads:

Everyone has the right to express their beliefs and opinions as long as they are not doing it in a rude, hateful or violent / damaging way. This is true even if you personally don’t agree with it and think it’s utterly wrong.

No individual user is the arbiter of another user’s experiences, thoughts, opinions or beliefs. Just because things are a certain way where you live doesn’t mean they’re the same way for someone else. Don’t judge another user if you don’t know their situation. If you don’t want other users attacking you for your beliefs, don’t attack them for theirs.

If you can’t disagree in a respectful and polite fashion, don’t respond.

This can be as simple as the difference between “That’s stupid” and “That doesn’t make sense to me.” Consider how you would feel if someone called your opinions or deeply held convictions or beliefs ‘stupid’. That’s how other people feel, too.

Learn the difference between personal attack and opinion. ‘Jim is an idiot’ or ‘You’re an idiot’ VS ‘Jim makes a lot of unsupported remarks’ and ‘You have no facts to back that up.’

Learn to not make wholesale generalizations. ‘Christians are haters and homophobes’ VS ‘Several Christian sects think homosexuality is wrong and some get extreme in their views.’ Not all members of any group are exactly alike. Don’t make remarks like ‘All the people in that thread (or group) are stuck up.’

Don’t go into a thread that has a specific group or belief system to harass or start an argument. In other words, don’t go into the Cat lover’s chat to tell them that you hate cats. On the other hand if there’s a thread that says Cats or dogs, which is better? go ahead and give your opinion - in a respectful and polite way.

Everyone should feel comfortable interacting with each other on Wattpad, so please remember to treat and talk to people the way you’d like to be treated and talked to.

Or, as my counselor used to say: Turn it around. If the person on the other side said the same words to you about your assertions as you are about to say to them about theirs and it would make you upset, don’t say it.

Moderate your language to accommodate the tenor of the thread. If other’s aren’t swearing or using profanity a lot, you shouldn’t either. If the tone of the thread is serious, don’t start joking around. If you’re in a thread with a bunch who swear a lot and joke around, go for it.

It’s basic respect. The forum is not ‘live’ conversation—there is no ‘it slipped out’ excuse. You are in control of what you type and what is in that input box before you post. You’re responsible.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.

If a particular subject makes you angry, and you can’t control your words when you’re angry, avoid those threads. Anger never wins an argument and is it worth getting your account removed to vent your anger?

Gossip is dangerous territory. Misinformation gets spread and feeling get hurt. ‘Tea’ should only be a beverage, not something to spread around. Don’t pass on / repeat hurtful stories and comments.

Don’t get into fights, but if they happen, don’t spread the fire by taking take your grudges with you to other threads. If you need to talk about it, go to Private Messages. Don’t go to another thread.

Stalking other users will get you in trouble. If a user tells you to leave them alone, leave them alone. Don’t ‘joke’ with people you don’t know well - that’s how people get offended.

Unless a comment names you, specifically identifies you, is in reply to you or quotes you, don’t assume it’s about you. Don’t go looking for things to be offended about.

Assume that someone meant the best by their posts, not their worst. Written communication doesn’t have the cues of tone, expression and body language.

Users have the right to determine their level of engagement, as long as they aren’t abusing, harassing, or discriminating against an individual.

You’re not going to like everyone and everyone is not going to like you.

Don’t expect everyone to talk to you. If someone ignores you, go find someone else to talk to. Don’t assume that they don’t like you, or they’re stuck up or that they deliberately ignored you. You don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life behind the keyboard. So be kind and give folks the benefit of the doubt.

If you feel like you—or someone else—is being personally attacked or targeted, please let us know by using the flag function.

If you need to explain why you feel as you do, use the ‘something else’ option to give that information.

If there’s a troll, or someone who is making multiple posts, flag the first three or four to alert the Moderators to an ongoing issue. Five or more posts flagged will often close the thread for four hours—or until a Moderator re-opens it— so if you have an aggressive troublemaker and feel that it would benefit the thread to be closed temporarily, that’s how to do it.

Snarky, rude and disparaging remarks make for a toxic Community and no one wants that. It’s up to everyone to help keep our Community a safe place for everyone. Sometimes that will mean shutting up and and leaving a thread. Sometimes that will mean not posting.

Think about what you post. A mistimed or misinterpreted post can cause a lot of harm, so try to be clear and kind in your responses. Live and let live, agree to disagree and debate the idea, not the person.

Hate / harassment / trolling and personal attacks may result in the loss of both Community privilege and a user’s main account as well.

Users actions are linked to the holder of the account, not the account(s) themselves. @



Are you debating, arguing or just expressing your opinion? Are you debating or attacking?



Grey, purple and blue fuel proper debate. Green is an opinion with no support. Yellow, orange and pink are unacceptable behavior and may be against the Code of Conduct.




Networking in Community can bring you new readers. To make it easy for others to find you on the main Wattpad site, put your main profile URL in your Community profile.

Don’t know how?

Click / tap on your icon there in the upper left to open the box, then click / tap on your username to get another box. Then you need to click / tap Preferences. On the Mobile app tap Account then -> Profile—on the web click Profile.

On Profile, scroll down to the box that says Web Site. That’s where you want to put your main profile URL. It should look something like this:

Then go all the way to the bottom and click / tap
Save Changes



Not everyone gets along. In addition, some users are deliberately provoking. If you really don’t want to see posts from someone, there’s something you can do.

If you open their profile there is a button—in the upper right on the web, scroll down on the app—that says Normal. If you click that, you will see the options of Normal, Muted and Ignored. Click Ignored and their comments will be hidden from you.

On the main site, you should go to their profile, use the three dots and mute them. If their Community profile isn’t linked to their main, you can just paste their user name in place of username in this URL: