Warnings for repercussions for selecting mature ratings

As I only recently found out, once a story is rated as mature it has to be republished to be able to switch it off of mature.

At the time of choosing this rating, I simply wasn’t sure if I might end up writing something that was considered a mature scene. I later realized my content was not mature and I wouldn’t be writing mature scenes. I think this has happened to a few people, at least others who realized their content wasn’t actually mature.

When choosing the mature rating I did read the mature rating guidelines article and text on the story details page, but none of that mentioned how difficult it would be to change this decision later on.

Some recommendations that I think could help this problem:

  • Adding some type of warning, at the very least as a popup, when someone toggles the mature option on the story details page. This warning notifies them that once it is selected and published as mature, it has to be republished to switch it to not mature.
  • Making the information about the repercussions of switching to mature easier to access/find as well as stating the process to switch it back from mature.
  • Making it easier, in general, to switch back from mature without having to republish your entire story.

This has never happened to me. I’ve been able to turn it off and on as I wished. This sounds odd - or new. :thinking:


Maybe new? When I was trying to figure out why it kept getting switched back to mature when I turned it off I found this in the help center I was told this by the little digital chat buddy.
Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 4.47.26 PM

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Huh, this is definitely new. I didn’t even know. That’s odd :thinking:


If there’s even a hint of self-harm it has to be Mature, right? That’s why I tagged it.

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There’s also no real information on how to get it off other than to republish your story, which I guess means unpublishing each chapter, switching it, and republishing it. I just did that tonight, but I don’t know if it will last. The other times I tried to turn it off (without unpublishing), it just switched back to mature the next day or so.

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Yeah, it must be new. :thinking: But that’s really strange.


Definitely new. I’ve changed a rating down from mature in the past.


I’m glad I switched my two older books off of mature before this update takes place, because that would have been a disaster and a half if I hadn’t. Why’d they do this?


Interesting to know that it’s a new update, I haven’t been publishing for more than a month. Did any of you receive a notification or announcement that it was being changed?

I’m not sure, likely just to help make sure mature content isn’t getting in the hands of those that it shouldn’t. I just wish there had been a warning.


I think this deserves a good old cynical laugh.
Wattpad doesn’t inform of changes. I’d be surprised to see any announcement at this point.

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That’s odd. I just marked my story as not mature with no problem. (then again I had already unpublished the whole thing due to being rewritten)

If it does this for published ones though that’s going to suck for people in similar situations.
I’m in a similar situation where I’m not sure if mine qualifies as mature or not (especially in the beginning) as it isn’t any more graphic in violence than my others, no romance at all to be worried about explicit sex scenes, but it does have a few dialogue lines along the lines of “I should’ve done it years ago. Then no one would be dying because of me.”
It never specifically states self harm or suicide but does hint at it (and it was toned down to just that/ double checked to make sure it isn’t glorified and only used as character growth very sparingly).
Not sure if it still needs marked when I put it back up or not even after reading the guidelines but now I’m worried I’ll be marking it for no reason other than precaution or if there will be harsher repercussions for not marking it. (I planned to as a better safe than sorry but with this change I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be- at least until I post the part in question) :thinking:


I think it works if all the story parts are labeled as unpublished. My previous attempts at turning it off I hadn’t unpublished the chapters and a day later it would revert back to mature. Since I unpublished everything and then switched it, it has stayed so far.

It does, especially if they have published a bunch of chapters because you have to unpublish them all individuals and then republish them all individually.

I would say keep it off until you get to that part, and up until then poke around on the threads and see if anyone has any specific information. I personally don’t know. I would recommend looking at other stories that might have those themes and see how they wrote them and if they were rated mature. That’s what I did to gauge if my violence and language were too much, just looked at books that were not rated mature and how they incorporated those elements.

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Yeah that does make sense, as every part was unpublished. Still, I have to wonder why they decided to make the sudden change (other than stopping people from potentially abusing it). I guess on the bright side you don’t have to delete anything to change it.

I have read some others in the genre/ theme (horror/ psychological-ish horror) and come up with a mixed bag when it comes to the subject.
I could always put a note in the description as well either way, but as this fanfic is still only a rough draft for me to play in an open world with my OCs interacting in a similar environment I’m sure I could take the questionable wording out entirely when I make the original work. But I’ll definitely be checking around the forums as it comes around to that part.

Wattpad likes to keep things hush hush when it comes to updates. :sweat_smile:


Ain’t that the truth.

And to this whole issue, I can’t see a legitimate reason behind it. Why? Why choose to mess with the mature rating rather than- I don’t know- give users the ability to tag block like they’ve asked for? Tag-blocking would help with whatever WP is trying to accomplish by making rating your book mature such a hassle.


It’s not just that!

Unpublishing also means that your story gets removed from every single reading list it was added to during the time it was up.




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:open_mouth: I didnt know that!!!

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Well, now you do!

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damn stright I do! I have marked mature on and off before without unpublishing. Its definately a new one!

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