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I've been on-and-off Wattpad over the past 5 months due to a couple of reasons and want to come do a few book covers for people, just because I've not actually made any covers since my last client a month ago. Please let me know if I can design a cover for you! There are some examples at the end of this post and my form is below:

:heart:Book title:
:heart:Author name:
:heart: Ideas for your cover:
:heart:Anything else:


I don’t have a clear idea but maybe something like this: the cover divided into 3 parts one resembles secret agents (maybe a photo of a huge creepy mansion)
The second resembles a celebrity life or something related to celebrities and psychology
The last is about vampires, werewolves and magic.
If you needed any other ideas about the book you can read the few published parts. They may help you get my idea a little more.
I know it’s looks hard but as I said before I don’t have a clear idea about the cover yet :sweat_smile:

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And thanks already :heart::heart::heart:

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Declined sorry :frowning:



Book title: Soldier
Genre: Fanfiction
Author name: imtotallynotokay
Ideas for your cover: I was thinking of having Harry Styles (short hair) on a battlefield.
Anything else: nope

Sorry, declined :frowning:

:heart:Book title: Blackrune
:heart:Genre: sci-fi/dystopian
:heart:Author name: Lauren Garland
:heart: Ideas for your cover: a woman with tattoos with leather clothing and a big castle or big building behind her OR a big castle with crows and a grave with no woman in the center
:heart:Anything else: can you add a subtitle? “Where angels turn into devils” thank you so much

:heart:Book title: In Love With A Killer
:heart:Genre: Mystery, Romance
:heart:Author name: preciousbughead
:heart: Ideas for your cover: if there’s any chance you could use a dark theme/serial killer related things it would be amazing
:heart:Anything else: not as far as i know of, thank you.