Wattpad and it's Difficulties

Some day, you heard a bout an app. Some of you got interested, others did not. Some of us joined because we loved writing, while others joined to read what friends had written. No matter how you got to know about Wattpad, all is that you are now a member.

But now, you decided to write and depending on which year you joined Wattpad, it affected your reads. For example those who joined in 2013-2016 have more reads, more follows and more popularity than you in 2017. Yep it hurts.

Now, I wish everyone to give his or her date he or she joined Wattpad and elaborate on the difficulties he or she faced and talk a little of how Wattpad has changed since then.

What keeps you going and how do stay away from the stigma of seeing books which are more popular than yours and the fluctuations in your follow and other stuffs.

Ok, so I joined 2015, but didn’t post my first story till 2016. It didn’t do too well tbh, and looking back, the story itself was actually not so great. My writing style changed a lot throughout and I went through phases of writing and trying to make my work better and hitting a brick wall.

Back then I was also a bit more concerned on the number of reads and comments my stories got (I wanted some feedback to hopefully get better!) so I would always try and advertise on SYS, join in on chats, be interactive etc. I would say it paid out around 2017-2018 when I posted my third book (the only one I’ve completed to date) and throughout posting saw that a lot more people
were becoming interested in it. It was tough tbh, I spent most of my day on wattpad (but I also didnt mind because I’m a massive bookworm). Nowadays I come on here like once a week maybe, since uni got in the way. My following count has stayed consistent since I’ve become inactive and somewhere along the line, I stopped caring about the counts and the reads etc.

I’ve never been prejudiced against books that do better than mine as long as they’re not presenting toxic ideas. If a book on here sounds appealing to me, I open it, regardless of read count.

In terms of carrying on, it was hard at times but sometimes I took a break from the site to write without pressure and it was so refreshing.


I first joined in 2014, but I now have a new account (started on September 28 2019). I didn’t really have high expectations going into Wattpad again as I’d never been a success in the part - probably because I was a young teenager when I first joined Wattpad.

I keep writing because it’s what I want to turn into my career. It’s hard work, but everything worthwhile is. I just remind myself why I started and continue on that grind.


Waooh, that’s amazing. I don’t know how to overcome my obsession for the number of reads, it real ways me down. Please what’s your username on wattpad?:grin:

I love the determination.:smiley:


I joined Wattpad in 2018 I started with a fake account, I wrote a book, it gained like 2k reads and 1k votes, but then I realized the book sucked so of recent I deleted it, created a new account , what I’m using now and started a different book from afresh, I don’t know if it’s gaining reads, but I will wait for the first 15 chapters to observe. I love writing, but Wattpad has made me to be more interested in reads and comments than my passion for writing. It’s really a pity on my part.


It’s difficult not to get sucked in by the read/vote/comment counts on your story. A lot of those counts anyway are due to the story being published for a long time or the author being excellent at marketing/having a lot of friends willing to read the work. That said, there are some talented authors that have definitely earned their popularity - it just takes a culmination of a lot of hard work.


Persistance and determination is highly needed.


I get what you mean, it’s tough when all you wanna do is see the numbers go up. But try to remember why you started writing in the first place. Join forums to discuss work and hopefully bounce of others ideas and feelings too! I I deffo suggest writing your story fully before posting it on here.
It’s the same as my username on this :slightly_smiling_face:


My journey on Wattpad has been a little weird.

I joined in the summer of 17, but it wasn’t until the fall I started posting my book. I posted a new chapter e.v.e.r.y. Friday, writing in a genre and with themes that should draw people in, with a good quality of writing, but the readers took their sweet time – even though I was active in the community.

15 months and over 60 chapters later, with 40-some followers and 8K reads on my only, still ongoing, book, I was suddenly contacted by Nick from HQ, asking if I wanted to be in the Wattpad Next Beta program (what is called Paid Stories today, for those unfamiliar).
To say I was stunned would be an understatement. And then came the invite to the Star program. :exploding_head:

But since entering PS, I’ve been struggling, and have had to lower my updates to only once every second week. I’ve stopped promoting my book in the SYS threads, yet my reading count has many doubled compared to before, as has my number of followers. :astonished:

I know my journey is unusual compared to the large majority of Wattpad users. Especially considering that just a year ago, I was a struggling nobody with only one book—that’s still ongoing today, yet a lot of doors have been opened to me that I never in a million years expected.

So, yeah, things have changed a lot for me since I joined Wattpad. But even if I hadn’t been as lucky as I have, I would still be writing and uploading my book, enjoying having a few loyal readers following along. And in that sense, nothing has changed. :blush:


And luck. It sad, but a lot of times, it also comes down to dumb luck. :woman_shrugging:
It did in my case.


That’s very true as well!


I just join in September of 2019. I have close to no reads. I am a lame nobody in the social hierarchy of Wattpad. There are a lot of people here and I pretty much suck at marketing, so I don’t expect to ever blowup and don’t need to. Because of Wattpad, I have never been more motivated to write before. I have 1 person that reads closely for me on here that calls me on my crap and pushes me to write more and write better. Because of that one person, I am not writing in a vacuum and I am getting better at the 1 thing I love most in the world. I also get to give real feedback to other writers that want more than a “good job” comment, so I am helping others as well. For now, that makes Wattpad my favorite website.


I joined in 2012 (with a different account, but I opened this one only a year later). It’s only recently my work has started doing decently, starting to take off around the 2016 - 2017 mark. I’ve written a lot of books on here (most now deleted). The first two did alright in 2013, but those followed the most popular themes at the time to a letter. When I started writing what I genuinely enjoyed writing, things were slow.

And I’m kind of glad they were. I was 13 when I joined Wattpad, and those were my earliest books. They had major issues and I had a lot of work to do on my skills. But read count doesn’t prevent you getting feedback, so I still got what I needed from the site. I could tell when I started improving because people started coming back for chapters as I posted, which I’d not seen much of before (maybe one or two at the outside). That, with the added element of having been here so long. It’s unfair to yourself to compare numbers with someone who has been here longer. Wattpad is a social media platform and it works like any other: audience accumulates with work and time.

The key to enjoying wattpad is enjoying what you’re working on. Love for your work will carry you through rough patches. I loved my books, even if they sucked (not rhat I thought they did at the time lol). And I focused on making the next book better. And the next one better than that. At least that’s controllable. The algorithm and the readership will never be under your control, and getting stressed about it just leaves you with…the stress. Progress is quantifiable. That’s where the sense of accomplishment should stem from. Takes some practice to adjust to that view, but it massively helps.


I joined about the same date and I’m there too. I think a lot of people are, we are all nobodies. And that’s okay. We’re all trying to market our stories and we all hate it.

But just like you I’ve have one or two people who do read my work (it’s only one for now) and who I can discuss writing with. And that’s awesome, that’s all I really ask for at the moment.


Joined Feb 2019. Started posting the first book of my first Fantasy series a few weeks later. Joined the forums and used my Twitter account to churn out readers for my story. Kept posting. Kept posting. Added a side project, entered user awards, won or placed in most that I did, completed Book 1, entered Wattys, didn’t win, started Book 2, kept entering book 1 in user awards, won placed in more and more (10 total so far), completed Book 2, now working on Book 3 and completing my first trilogy starting in January 2020.

Almost at 10k reads on Book 1. Approaching 1.5k reads on Book 2.

Get told all the time how wonderful my story is, how great the characters are, and how readers can’t wait for the next chapters. Get told by other writers who I’ve come to know and I enter contests with that they worry any time they see me enter as well :grinning: because they know it’s going to be hard to win. And I just … keep … writing.

All while being pretty much being buried in the rankings for most tags.


I’ve only joined wattpad since a month or 2 so I don’t really have a lot of comparisons yet.

What I don’t like about wattpad though is that it count your own reads, like when you post a chapter or view comments.

Further I’m just trying to tell myself I’m writing for myself and not for the reads


I joined in August of 2019. I’ have noticed no changes from Wattpad directly but I have noticed changes in how I use it, and view it. I think the things i have the most trouble with are getting followers and getting readers because we all know that those are two very different things. However, I must say that when I started I was at 20+ followers in a months time and only had a handful of reads but since joining the forum I have more than doubled followers and tripled reads, and votes. So, I think that, while I’m still having trouble and would love help, I can fix these difficulties by being more active in the community.

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My first account was created in 2013. Over time, I deleted it to create another. The main reason being my writing style had improved and I wanted a new beginning. I once reached over 70k reads with a story, other stories had an acceptable number of views as well. When it comes down to followers and what I believe is my own struggle, the more I had was around 150… and most would be silent and a few of them were readers.


I loved the way you ended this, I was expecting a good ending, but you brought in a spoiler, which just tells how good your writing could be. I loved it.:grin: