Wattpad and 'Popularity'


I wouldn’t call myself obsessed but when you post something you want people to read it. I honestly think that it is pointless to write something and no one reads it.


I’m glad I started looking through these forums. I feel like I fall in the category of being obsessed and I want to explain why. I just posted my first story a few weeks ago and the only views it has is from a friend of mine. While I’m not aiming for it to become a high ranking story, I want people to read it and give me feedback on my writing, like what I need to work on or fix. While I am writing my story for myself, I want it to be a story other people can follow along with and enjoy.


I feel u


I’m a teen too




If not for WP, I don’t think I’d have finished my latest novel as quickly. I found that I could proof read it more efficiently on here and the feedback has helped me hone it a little more.