Wattpad app crashed when I try to read the story

I already submitted the ticket but I wanted to see if anyone else has the same problem as me.

When I try to read on the phone it’s doesn’t let me at all but when I try to read on the tablet it’s crashes my app.

Oof! That’s the first I have heard about. Why not do this. Go on the browser and go on wattpad there. You can still read books and a bonus, no ads!

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Yeah it’s not really comfortable like reading with the phone or tablet.

But you can go on the browser on your phone. You still get to read and no ads

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True, but then what’s the use of apps if people are going to go on browsers to read stories.

well, that’s one thing too. It’s a temporary solution though if you are desperate to continue the book you are reading while waiting to see if the app is working again

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