Wattpad app doesn't sync, causes issues.

The Wattpad app has a weird issue where it doesn’t really sync when it should, at least not on Android. This can cause some MAJOR issues when working on your projects on mobile and on desktop.

For one, you can actually lose edits. If you edit something on desktop and the app doesn’t sync, it sometimes reverts changes. I had to deal with this several times when working on the current version of my story. It took me a dozen attempts to just rearrange some chapters before I realized I had to do it via mobile.

Edits often won’t show up on the mobile app, and you’ll sometimes miss things. If you try to check the stats of your story, they won’t update for a while. You won’t find out if you’ve gotten new reads or votes until hours or even days after. The refresh simply doesn’t work, so you’re stuck guessing until you can get home to a PC.

These don’t just apply to your own works, either. Updated works will take a few hours to actually let your see what the changes are on mobile. There doesn’t seem to be a way to force the app to sync.

I have no idea if this is just an issue on my side. I’d appreciate it if someone would tell me a solution if there already is one. Otherwise, I’d just like to bring up the technical issues I’ve had with the app cuz it’s really driving me crazy sometimes.

Nah, I’ve faced this too!