Wattpad app problem - please help or fix



When I respond to a comment on my story and type beyond two lines, the POST button is hidden by the keyboard (this is on iPhone). If I minimize the keyboard, my reply just drops to the bottom and the POST button is completely off the screen.


This has happened to me too, and there wasn’t really a specific way to fix it. I guess I closed the app, maybe even logged out and then back in again. After a while if came back to normal.
But unfortunately the app has so many bugs an glitches, that I’ve stopped counting them already, especially when it gets to commenting and replying.


Now I think about it, maybe it used to until a few weeks ago? I think the app updated around then. But now it never works properly when I want to write a longer comment reply.
It works fine when I write a regular comment on someone else’s work. I just can’t reply to a comment (i.e a second-tier comment) on my own work.


You can send a ticket to Support here-

Please make sure to give all the details like screenshots so that Support can identify and are able to help you better :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ve done that.