Wattpad authors -- need your experience

Hey y’all,

If you’ve published (self, traditional, or otherwise), can you share how many sales you feel like you got from your Wattpad fans? What percentage of your followers do you think purchased your book?


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Hmm… I can’t answer, but I’ll tag some who might be able to give you some better answers.

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I self-published one of my books. My case is a little unusual and probably not as relevant, as I didn’t do much advertising (I self-pubbed for a reason other than sales). I do know that a very small percentage went on to buy it (which was a pretty nice surprise in itself), but I’m fairly sure it was in the single digits.

If you intend to ‘seriously’ self-publish, I would say don’t depend on your Wattpad fanbase to buy the book. It’s not necessarily because they don’t want to; there’s numerous sensible reasons as to why readers won’t/ can’t buy it. Instead, scout out other advertising methods (e.g. Goodreads, blogs - perhaps someone with more experience can advise on this), and be prepared to put the effort and money into getting your book ‘out there’.

I hope this offers a little clarity and makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would say that my book did farely well in terms of my original fanbase/readers purchasing it via ebook and physical copies. I will say that my book had about 14million reads and nearly half a million votes at the time of publication so that certainly helped in a cross over from Wattpad to Published book.

I’d say about 60% of my sales are from readers on wattpad and the rest was marketing on other platforms/ and just it doing well in sales on amazon.

But I’d also say that building that loyalty to either you or your book/series is important if you want to see that quality crossover. If that makes sense.


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Would you share how many sales you think you got from Wattpad readers? Is that 60% of 50? 500? 5000?


I’ll quote what @AMLKoski told me as not to get anything wrong:

“I sold roughly 350-400 copies of broken. Based on the over all reads the book had, about 150K, spread out over 43 chapter leaves about 3.5K people. So high guestimated percentage is 12% of the readers bought it, low is 10%. Im not surprised because I believe vote to view ratio was like 1 in 20-25 so it didnt have a lot of active engagement. Add to that I didn’t advertise the book all that well or at all and you get lower buyer turnout.”


My first book was a Wattpad featured selection and ended up with * I think * around 400k reads. I eventually self published (pulling it from Wattpad), and based on the first few weeks of data (assuming Wattpad readers buy soon after the release) I think I sold maybe 20 copies to Wattpad fans. The bulk of the sales that first month were to friends and family, and the book didn’t take off until the second month it was out.

In the last three years the book has gone on to sell over 40k copies. So a tiny, tiny slice of the eventual amount. .05%?


I have one complete novel on Wattpad, book 1 of a series of 4 (YA fantasy). It’s accumulated 200k reads over 6 years, largely through being featured about a year after I posted it. I have maybe 1700 followers, most of whom don’t pay any attention to me, though I don’t make much attempt to engage them.

I’d hoped that giving away the first book in the series would help sales of the rest, but that hasn’t really happened. I think I’ve sold maybe 2 or 3 books to people from Wattpad, though it’s hard to tell, since you don’t usually find out where customers came from.


I’m not entirely sure how I would know one way or the other as I have no way to track a given sale back to Wattpad, but I’m going to guess something really small. Maybe .001%? What I DO see a fair amount of is people who are already readers of mine and then see me posting here and then they say, “Oh, I didn’t know you were on Wattpad…I love your books.”