Wattpad book recommendations?


I just realised I finished all the stories I have in my library and I need more. Suggestions?? What are some Wattpad books you really enjoyed?

  • Completed books only.

  • I don’t read werewolf, vampire, fanfiction or bad boy stories.


I have a reading list of recommendations on my profile. :lumi:


Color me impressed! I still haven’t tried to read on Wattpad in a while (I have some reading issues that don’t seem to play nice with ebooks. This includes kindle. So it’s been a struggle to read non-print books for me) so my poor to read pile hasn’t changed in a couple years.

This is a useless response since I have no suggestions as a result LOL But I’m still impressed you got caught up!


@FetchingPenumbra I have a decet reading list too.

Though I am quite partial to onging novels.


Oh boy, do I have reading lists! Or well… One. “I recommend” is filled with only completed works that I’ve read and would very much recommend :smile:


I also have reading lists on my profile! I have a reading list for each genre, and I only add books I enjoyed reading. My fav. books are in the reading lists as well as the reading list labelled fav.

You should try sometime, you never know :calmwolf:


Oh I did try when I first joined LOL It was hard which is why I stopped. Eventually I do know I need to try again because I won’t learn tricks like I have with Print books if I don’t try. But my TBR pile on print books has been massive for a few years now so just haven’t gotten around to trying again.


Lol thats fair, though with WP writers do you generally see a giant range of writing styles (very cool) and some ideas you’d never see (yet) in printed books


I’d love to read more on Wattpad if I wasn’t bombarded with ads all the time. :sob:


Airplane mode? a pain to comment but no ads!


True, but I’m a very vocal person that likes to vote and comment everywhere. :rofl:




Honestly same. I’m an offline reader from now on. So… People can expect a whole range of spam coming their way with votes all dumping in at the same time :joy:


Yeah the problem isn’t with Wattpad books. It’s 100% my reading issues. I have to often use my finger or bookmark to follow along when I read to keep myself from skipping or re-reading the same sentence over and over. And the “dancing ants” seem to appear faster on a computer then they do in print books. I can usually get at least an hour of reading in before I have to stop because the letters keep moving on me. On ebooks I’m lucky if I get a half hour. Even re-reading my own work can be difficult to do because of it.

So it’s just a matter of me getting into the right mental state to want to try again and I just haven’t been there.


But does that work, though?


Ah I see. Once I fall into the “trance” I dont realize I am reading and its just like a movie. I cant tell you if I was reading every word or skimming, just that I was having a good time, lol

On a tablet?


I tried tablet and computer. Phone…forget about it. It’s just too small a screen for extended reading. I need to do it in small bursts ala how I read here on the clubs LOL Sad part is, I never used to have this kind of problem. It’s like my dyslexia’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older :laughing:


Ah I see, put the font to the max size?


Yeah. You need internet connection to get ads since they’re all online. So just going offline removes them.


Haven’t tried that. I’ll see if that helps next time I try to read. I tried the voice over thingies that read for you, but I got annoyed with how it would pronounce certain words :laughing: