Wattpad Books And International Publishers

I seem to have noticed with a couple of Wattpad books on this site. Some of them do end up getting published, but internationally.

I’ve seen authors and such announce that their book is getting published and all, but it gets published into another country somewhere out in the world (Germany, France, Italy, etc) and not here in the US.

Is there a reason as to why international publishers pick up the book first and not an English publisher? Is it a distribution thing or something else?

And is it possible for someone’s work that gets published internationally to make it be available statewide?

I only can think of two that’ve done it: Chasing Red (Book got published internationally then got an English release. Correct me if I’m wrong on that) and She’s With Me (Book got published internationally, going to be released in English in 2020)

Well there are two things. Translations (which are foreign language versions of a book), and English language versions that are published in other countries.

These days many US publishers are acquiring world rights when dealing with debut authors which means they have control over both the territories the books are sold in, and the languages they come out in.

Now, if it was a foreign publisher whose eye was caught…let’s say German, for instance. It’s possible that they bought German rights or the only territory they secured was for Germany (although that would be odd as publishers want to be able to sell the book in as many markets as possible.

Now, it COULD be that the book is self-published in the US, and the author sold the books distribution (and/or translation) to other parts of the world because they are not equipped to exploit those markets, so they are transfering that right to someone else who does.


I honestly don’t know the answer to your question. Just wanted to point out, though, that Wattpad is based in Canada, not the US. So there’s really no inherent reason books should be picked up in the US first.


Except that the US is the largest market…so MOST publishers, regardless of origin, will seek to have the books available to the US market.

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Well, sure, but it doesn’t have to be here first. And if a publisher isn’t based here, there’s really no reason to think they would target the US first. We may be the largest single market, but we’re not the be-all-end-all, even in English markets.


Didn’t mean to imply “first” but I do think that no matter who is signing the books they will want to release in the US market.

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I know of WP books that were picked up for Philippines publishing only, so I think it depends on the language of the book. I agree – for books written in English, most publishers will want to seek out the US market at some point, regardless of country of origin, but for books originally written in another language, they are likely to test the local market first before translating and expanding globally.

That makes sense.

I know there’s Bliss Books and Pop Fiction, both are Filipino publishers that do this for Wattpad Books.

I’ve seen a couple of English stories published under the Pop Fiction brand, and they do get adaptations and stuff later on. But I don’t how well they sold in the US.