Wattpad Comment Expectations

Hello everyone! I’m brand new to Wattpad, and I was wondering what was expected with comments on stories. I know it’s always a good idea to leave compliments, but I was wondering if it’s considered rude or helpful to point out typos/problems in a story? I just don’t want to come off as being a dick if I point out all of the possible errors in a story, but on the opposite side of the coin, I absolutely want all of my errors pointed out in mine so that I might fix them. But I can see where maybe others wouldn’t want that.
So I’m just curious as to what is customary here!


This hasn’t happened on wattpad for me, but on another site it happens a lot, and it would bother me here too. The only thing I dislike is if someone rewrites something. Like they say. “You should show and not tell.” (Which Is a fine comment to make.) and then continue by rewriting my sentence or paragraph and say “like this”.


I guess that is a tricky one, as different writers have different expectations for what they expect from comments. Some, like yourself, want someone to point out any errors they might find and are open to suggestions and critiques, whereas, some others don’t necessarily like those kind of comments as I guess they view it as too harsh a comment, and would rather just like the encouragements.

There is no set expectation for how you choose to comment on another writers story (aside from being rude or bullying which is against wattpad guidelines) so it really depends on what kind of comments you prefer to leave. Some users will even mention somewhere on their story what they would like feedback on which can help when it comes to the comments you leave.

Your safest bet is if you want to leave critiques to do it in a way that is kind and doesn’t feel like an attack on the writers work. Be constructive, and respectful of the person who wrote this. I know some users also love to read responses as a reader to what they have included in the chapter. If something surprised you, or if your particularly enjoyed something, let them know (:

Hope this helps a little…
Oh! and welcome to Wattpad! :smiley:


Everyone has different exceptions. Personally, I look at the previous comments on a story (if there are any) and see how the author reacted to those. If I see someone else pointed out a typo and was thanked for it, I’m more likely to feel okay doing the same. Of course that doesn’t work if there are no comments like that already but even how an author replies to other comments can say something about what kinds of comments they view as better than others.

Honestly, I like it when readers point out my typos because I can read a chapter fifty times and still miss something.


I don’t mind if they rewrite one sentence as an example because they probably think they’re helping, but I once had someone rewrite the entire second half of one of my chapters and changed the events in the comments section and that’s going too far no matter how you look at it.


It’s different for every person like they said above. I personally always put in my intro chapter that I don’t mind construction criticism, because I like when people point out what I could fix or possible suggestions. The only thing that gets annoying is when someone who ISN’T following you and ISN’T even fully reading your story decides to comment on the first chapter an entire paragraph of what I could fix, then leaves a fake little comment about how I’m doing good. Then, they don’t say anything else or read any further. Those are the comments I stay away from because they just want you to read their story. (It’s happened more than twice.)

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Ask first. Mention in one comment: I’ve noticed a few grammatical errors in this chapter. Would you care for me to point then out so you can edit them or just ignore them?

Some people post first drafts that won’t be edited for months or years. Some people also won’t do a copyedit until after revisions.

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I’m actually up for whichever positive criticism people can give me. I dont find it rude at all

Welcome to Wattpad! :smile_cat:

Depending on the author, it can change. Some people get very offended by little grammar errors pointed out. A lot of times an author will say in an introduction or something on their story if they’re looking for constructive feedback but not always.

I personally love to have commenters help me find little things that I miss but it can be overwhelming when that’s all they point out.

A good mix is helpful :smile_cat:


Oh no, I wouldn’t rewrite a whole paragraph, that is definitely rude haha I just meant pointing out typos and small errors.


It usually depends on the maturity level of the author.

I personally love when people point out my mistakes because 1. English is not my first language and 2. Even if I re read my chapters out loud, somehow I do miss a couple of mistakes so it is very helpful for me.

But, I usually don’t point out typos or mistakes in comments. I’d rather PM them, plus I only do it if someone asks for it because if you point out errors of a complete stranger they CAN argue with you saying, “Did I ask for it?” Which in turn will make you feel bad about yourself, it’s a though decision xD

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I think it might be easier for me to combine all of my responses into one post. Sorry for just now responding. I had posted late last night right before I went to bed.

Yea, this is kind of what I expected the answer to be. “It depends” haha! The idea of adding a blurb to the beginning of a story that mentions welcoming critiques is a good thought. I’ll be adding that! And I’ll try and see of coming up with a kind way of pointing out mistakes.
And thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ll do that. See if anyone else has said anything about errors.
Exactly haha Someone who doesn’t know what the sentence is going to say has a much easier time of spotting an error.

Do you mean they point out typos or that they are critiquing the story itself?

That’s an idea, but would also require me to keep notes on them all versus commenting as I’m reading the story XD but that’s just me being lazy haha


Thanks! :smile: Yea, I can see that being a bit much. Do you think it would be better to comment on the whole chapter with all of the errors listed, or comment on each paragraph itself of the error? Because, admittedly, I was commenting on chapters as I was reading, but then it felt like I was being an ass since it was literally every other paragraph I noticed a typo or small error. So now I’m wondering if it would be better to point out those mistakes all together in one comment at the end.

haha! Yea, I can certainly see some people reacting that way.

It’s actually very helpful when they’re posted by paragraph because it’s easier to fix the mistake later, and often times, I personally end up deleting pure typo and grammar error comments so that it lets me know what I’ve fixed :smile_cat:

No, just comment as you read. And don’t feel obligated to mark all of them.

Gotcha! That makes sense. Then I shall stick to the by-paragraph method. :smile:

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i don’t really have expectations, i’m just glad to get comments. they count as “reader engagement”, and the more you get, the more the algorithm likes you so the higher you rank on your tag leaderboards, so more people can find you sooner so you get more reads. i just like comments

Both! For example, someone left this comment on a story of mine not too long ago:

And while I have no problem with any of that, it’s not what they said that bothers me, but rather they’re not a supporter of any of my stories or a follower of mine. I’ve never seen them before in my life. They literally only came to my account ONCE to comment that, then never came back (I know because I checked their activity). Plus, they were hopping to other stories doing that. I don’t appreciate people like that.

Oh nice, I didn’t know that. So hey, the pointing out of typos could potentially be doubly-helpful haha!

yes, indeed! but what could be exponentially be even more helpful is leaving a comment that incites discussion in the replies (they count, too, and the more of them the better!)