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:scream::scream: this is so interesting! I had no idea about werewolves, it’s really surprising. Maybe because it’s such a niche, like when you search werewolves stories you won’t end up on something random? Idk but fanfiction has multiple genres within fanfiction itself, and stories goes into all directions: romance, fantasy, etc. So you start reading and often realize it’s not what you wanted, ie you wanted a romance fanfic and you got a romance-fantasy fanfic but you hate fantasy? So you stop reading. That might not be the case for werewolves?

Historical fiction having a high completion rate isn’t that surprising to me. Maybe cause most historical fictions are well-though and somewhat researched because historical means research in some way? Like authors are really committed to their historical fiction. So when you enjoy reading historical, you tend to find more quality stuff? IDK.


The thing is I think with werewolf. Is that werewolf itself is very board. To be categorized as werewolf just means it has a main character that is one or is surrounded by these werewolf, wolf shifters. So that means it can also fit into any number of genre. Romance, action, adventure, vampire, paranormal, fantasy (high and urban), etc.


This though… Isn’t it if the shopping online has it that we can report for the asian novels to go down? If I’m correct, aren’t fan translation (or pirate as you said) not official and won’t taken down the asian novels? (Though it does help see if words match since online shop sometime doesn’t have a sample :expressionless: I know the reason but eek! :joy:)



Hey Nick! :smiley:
How are you?


Why do I get stories that don’t exist recommended to me?


Tried to push on it to see the blurb then this happened:



@nick Any hope of content creators or studios doing ‘story searches’ in here - even telling us things that they’d like to see more of with existing story examples.

Then if we’ve something similar or related, we can pitch it.

If nothing else, the authors brave enough to post will probably pick up a few reads.


I’m keeping this in mind as I write my HF xD


Nick- If you had a chance to live any story character for one day, what would you choose and why? :slight_smile:


Nice to know why my werewolf books keep jumping in reads, as well as why some badly written (grammatical errors) with only a few chapters and not finished get so many reads. I’ve clicked on many a werewolf story just to check them out, giving reads. Seems I’m not alone in that.

Many of the genre clubs get very slow usage. Could Wattpad advertise the forums on its main site like it does books?


Adding to @Multijoys post, can the new forums be advertised on the @Ambassadors profile bio? They have 277K followers. You could also advertise them on @KatherineArlene 's How to Use Wattpad profile with 101K followers.


I don’t think the community ambassadors would be able to keep up if a ton of new users joined.


Maybe they’d need more ambass then?


Definitely. Tons more.


I believe that there’s always someone online throughout the day. With diverse timelines, anyone of them are always online.

Well, Gavin @TheOrangutan did state in his first post of this thread -


But do you know the current fraction of forum users to total Wattpad users? It’s really, really small.


Lol, I always wonder what the training supposedly is

It got smaller since the new forums came up


I know you can see the total # of forum users here:


Right under the “filter by username” box.

As of this post, there are 24516 users.


You can read more here-

The next ambassador training will be around Jan 2019/Feb 2019.


:joy::joy::joy:Ive read that bookk so many times, but it never says


What doesn’t it state?