Wattpad demographics

When I started writing I had hopes of reaching readers in Canada and the US, and maybe in the UK. I’m delighted to see readers from around the world. Who would have thought I’d have readers in Kenya, Myanmar, and Malaysia. I’m amazed and surprised that I have more readers in the Philipines than in North America. I’m wondering how this compares to Wattpad readers on the whole. Does my book particularly appeal to readers in these places, or is it that Wattpad has more readers in the Philipines than the US and Canada. I’m also curious as to why.

Well, Wattpad is a really diverse place. I didn’t expect all my readers to be from one area. So it’s always like a little surprise when you see how diverse your audience is.

I’ve gotten readers from Norway, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand… it’s pretty cool


There’s 80 million users PER MONTH on Wattpad and this site reaches over a hundred countries.

I’m not surprised at the diverse readership that a lot of people get via reads.


My question is about the demographics on Wattpad. On the whole what percentage are from each country? Is this information available? it would help in making sense of the demographics for books. Is my book particularly popular in the Philippines? Or is it that Wattpad is particularly popular in the Philippines?


It’s an interesting question! I have most readers from Asia, and I really love them! :slight_smile: It’s interesting, because neither the language nor the time zone fits.


For what countries that use wattpad you’d probably have to check one of those websites that track that kind of stuff. Similarweb for example spits out 19% United States, 6% Vietnam, 5.5% Mexico, 5% Philippines and 4.75% Brazil etc etc…
For other demographics wattpad is around 65% female and 35% male.

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I have more readers in Indonesia than I do from my own country (Denmark) - which was a huge surprise!

Philippines is also growing - but they’re known for devouring books. They also have a whole industry surrounding Wattpad stories. They publish more stories than any other country and I think they’ve made more than 100 stories into films or tv series. It’s absolutely amazing! So, if you hit that Filipino market, you’re doing super well.

I’m especially delighted to see readers from country with not so good LGBTQ+ rights. I hope they feel less alone with fiction and the other readers in the comment section.

I don’t think there’s any general data on how many users are from each country overall on Wattpad though.


I’m writing a regency romance and found that I have more readers in Nigeria rather than the states. Then I remember someone I know telling me that a lot of Nigerian women read those stories, so that would explain why I have such a high readerbase in Nigeria and not so much for my other stories. So I think that Asian people tend to read a particular type of story and that’s why they’re showing up more in your demographics. I have a few readers in Asia across all of my stories, but the bulk of them are in the Philippines. I think it’s mainly because the Philippines is a country where books are expensive so they turn to sites like Wattpad to read. I might be wrong, but that’s what someone told me who was from that country.


That depends on the book, honestly. Wattpad is popular in a lot of countries, and if a book reaches different parts of the world, then it’ll grow in that demographic as others catch on and start reading it as well.


It is really fun to see how far ones book can reach :smiley:


Demographics are super cool. I’m more confused my my gender ones. Apparently I’m a magnet for the rare Wattpadian male :shrug:


Some numbers for me… Canada 2% Us 15% Philippines 45%


I find that where my readers come from is also influenced by who I’m friendly with here on the forums etc. For example, when I started talking to someone from India a lot, I gained quite a few reads from India around that time.

That’s such a lovely thought! There’s a lot of bad stuff to be said about the internet, but things like this make it all worthwhile.


Whoaaaaa I did not know this! And pretty friggin cool. The Philippines is my second biggest audience. Nigeria is my third.


Demographics are my favourite statistics. It’s magical to see where your readers are from, and when you discover people coming from a different country than yours, you wonder why they read your story, how they discovered it and so on and so forth…

I found it really amazing to see that the majority of your readers are from Philippines when you’re not, for example. It prooves words are international, no matter where you come from.

As a French writer, most of my readers are French, but there are some Americans too and it still amaze me to see my stories travelling across so many places.


Interesting. I’m even more curious about Filipino culture in regards to literature and language. My Filipino readership isn’t as high as what others have mentioned. Oh now that I think about it I’ve got a Filipino character in the book. I based her on a woman I worked with. My fictional world should be comfortable for those from the Philippines. It’s actually somewhat similar. I might start a thread specifically about Filipino readers and culture. I’m in Alaska so consider the Philippines to be my neighbors.

Right? :heart:

Oh yeah the Filipino demo is awesome!

Also the Nigerian users has, in my experience, been some of the most dedicated and loud readers I’ve ever had. If I get a serial commenter at least 50% of the time their location is set in Nigeria.

My story with most Filipino readers is about a little Irish black gay dude in prison and it’s Fantasy and everyone in the world is an animal shifter. The settings change from Scotland, England, North America and then South America.

I don’t think it matters whether there’s actual Filipino representation in there or not. I can’t really say what actually matters :joy:


It would be interesting to know what in particular interests Filipino readers. I wonder if maybe these readers are more forgiving of errors in representing Europe and North America.

Honestly, I think they just like good stories like anyone else. I mean, I’m Danish - I don’t need Danish characters to be there to get interested. I love reading Fantasy stories inspired by all kinds of cultures - not just my own.

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