Wattpad, for the love of God . . . Please give us scheduled posting



Imagine how cool it would be if you could schedule when your chapters go live like Tumblr? You can just set the date and time and PRESTO it auto-posts them!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants this!

A Petition (Maybe for Scheduled Posting)

That’d be amazing cause I constantly forget to post my stuff!


Exactly! It helps if you’re forgetful or if you just have a really specific time you want to post at. There is no downside!




I mean, if on budget start ups can have scheduled posts, I wouldn’t think it’s a bank breaking feature.


It really isn’t! So many other sites have it too.




I love this idea too!


See, when an ambassador agrees it’s an extra good idea :smiley:


Never even thought of this! Suuuuuch a good idea!


Haha, Saint is one too! :joy:

2 votes!


Yessss :clap: who do I have to beg to for that feature?


Offer a sacrifice to the Supreme Goat Overlord Nick from WP HQ.


sacrifice sounds painful, think he’ll accept a friendly hug instead?


Tapas has this, it’s pretty dope.


PLEASE! I want this so badly because the majority of my readers are not in my time zone, making my update schedule happen in the middle of my night :sob:


I think I need to begin posting in the night as well. Most of my activity comes in at 4 or 5am in the morning when I’m asleep lol.


I update at like… 1 AM right now (oh shit, I gotta update :joy:)


I have to wake up at 5am if I want the early morning activity and don’t want to keep refreshing the F5 button all day.


Scheduled posting would just relieve both of us from so many issues.

Not to mention, I finish my books offline so I could upload the entire thing and just schedule all the posts. It’d be so easy :sob: