Wattpad, for the love of God . . . Please give us scheduled posting



Doesn’t Tapas have it already? I thought someone mentioned they did.


They do. I tried it out with some of my first books and it was magnificent. Didn’t have to log in to update or anything


Gonna co-sign this. I’ve wanted this for a long time. It would be so helpful marketing wise.


Do you think it could actually happen?


If enough people make a fuss about it. Wattpad responds to suggestions a lot!


This would also be super helpful for people like me who don’t have a set schedule at work… So for example, I plan to post my chapters every Thursday, but because I don’t have a set work schedule, I can’t set a specific time to post. And if I could auto-post… All my problems are solved.


We should do a vote :raised_hands: Do you think a vote would work?


This would be an absolutely amazing idea and would actually hold me accountable to posting for once


This would be amazing when I get into updating weekly. I remember lamenting this years ago. I just could. Not. Remember. To update on Fridays. The algorithm was the bane of my existence.


Is this like the Queue from Tumblr? Because that would be great for Wattpad!


I don’t need it, at least for now, but it would certainly be very helpful for those who have busy schedules :+1:


It’s the bane of every writer right now because it’s so broken. XD


Yes! Exactly like that.




And 2 step verification please.


I will join the party! I’ve actually been wondering why it isn’t a thing already because everywhere it says it’s good for the readers too, to have a consistent schedule…

So yes, please, scheduled posting. I’m all in.


We NEED scheduled posts


I AGREE WITH THIS SO HARD. Tapas has it! That’s a huge complaint about platforms like WP and Webtoon - they’re loved, but they can’t schedule. It definitely makes things harder for busy people. I neeeeeeed scheduling, lol.


Yes! Tapas has it!

I feel like it’d help everyone to have a scheduling feature. Readers get their chapters on time and authors don’t have to worry about something else getting in the way.


I would love scheduled posting- Not only for chapters but for announcements as well so you can have them come out as the same time as your new chapter… since some people rely on those.