Wattpad, for the love of God . . . Please give us scheduled posting



We would all love scheduled posting. This is a pretty basic feature that wattpad should really be ashamed that they don’t have. They may have the user base that other sites don’t, but a lot of other places are significantly more feature rich.

This would be a start.




I know right?! We need things’ like this wattpad!! And it would get even more book writers’ on!!


@wattpad my dude!


God, this would be amazing. Tumblr’s queue system was the biggest thing that kept me writing there for so long, and to have something similar here - to use with my original story content as opposed to fanfiction - would be incredible.


I would love this too.


I guess everyone would…

Scheduled Posting

Yes, everyone would like this!

So, @Wattpad, what’s good?


(Hey-o, welcome to the forums!)

And yeah, I agree. Then you could even schedule your updates to post at midnight.


Omg yes! As I’ve already written three big chapters on ‘Chéri’, it would be so nice to have them fire automatically, not to let down your fans, and you don’t have to worry about keeping up routine!

My biggest readers are in Malaysia, America, Greece, and the UK


We should start a petition! I know I can make one on change.org if ya’ll want


here is the petition for this


I just singed it.


Thank you!




There’s also an in-house poll going on here if anyone wants to swing by and vote.


I was literally just thinking about posting on this thread for this. WE NEED THIS. PLEASE.


How come this isn’t already a thing? PLEASE make this a thing!


I would love to be able to schedule when a new chapter is released, instead of having to remember to do it once a week.


This would be cool, it sounds like webtoons, maybe we could have a page where people who you follow, you could see when their stories are coming out.