Wattpad Friends pt. 2 (drop your user) ✨

Hi everyone, I did this back in January and made some friends so I thought it would be nice to do it again because new people are joining every day.
Drop your user so people can follow you, feel free to chat about how you’re doing, what you’re up to, or just a fun fact about yourself!

My wattpad user is annasteffey :slight_smile: and I love reading Psychological thrillers in the summer time


Hello! Nice to meet you all! My Wattpad user is Fondness_Fantasies and I love sitting under a tree, reading classics like Anne of Green Gables in the summertime.

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Hi!! I think we’ve met before on here:)
That sounds so nice and calming, Ill have to try that sometime!

Hello! How are you?

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I’m doing well! how are you?

Hi. My user is the same on here, you can find a link if you click on my name here

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Hey, I am new here. My name is Lakshya and I am an engineering student. I love supernatural, magical, thriller and crime-related stories. I am also fond of anime and I love to play the piano in my free time :slight_smile:


Hello there, I’m an author of five precious books, one not so much because I didn’t even bother making a cover for it. My newest work is for the ONC. I’m trying my luck out and seeing how far it goes.
I like movies and tv shows, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Mr Robot, A24 movies and that’s about all you gotta know about me!


@Orizone How are you guys?


Hello Lakshya! Its nice to meet you. I love playing piano too:)

Hi my wattpad user is @Aliciathompson101 pretty much the same thing as here

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What’s up?

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I’m doing fine, but I’m dead at home

Hello! Thats awesome that you have five books written!!
I also love Mr. Robot

Hello!!! Nice to meet you

Hi nice to meet you too https://www.wattpad.com/user/Aliciathompson101

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OMG! You’re like the first person I’ve met that’s watched Mr Robot on Wattpad! Have u watched all of it?

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About to cook, preparing for the quarantine-Easter feat tomorrow.
How about you?

I’m doing great! I’m enjoying exploring this website, actually. How are you guys doing?
@Anna That’s awesome! It is just so soothing and fun. Music is a big part of my life.

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