Wattpad Has Big Problems



In California, though, it’s statutory rape if a teen and an adult over 18 have sex.


Totally agree. And as for those writing about their ‘personal experiences’ with incest/pedophilia, how does Wattpad know if those writers aren’t adults getting their rocks off by writing and publishing that stuff? Seems to me just another form of exhibitionism via writing if the prose is pure titillation.


Real life crimes and fictional crimes written in stories are two different things. One is punishable by the law the other is a fantasy. People read all manner of fantastical stories and never act out events in the books nor do they use the books as how-to manuals.

Women retain the right to fantasize about anything they want and that is 1000% OK. Why would you see a problem with someone fantasizing about anything?

Women’s sexual fantasies do not always reflect what they want in real life, according to a recently published study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

For example, while a large proportion of women in the study said they fantasized about being dominated in some way, half of those women specifically indicated that they would not want to live out their fantasy of sexual submission. More here: (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jsm.12734/abstract).https://www.businessinsider.com/what-women-fantasize-about-2014-11

Books are entertainment and we go to them to be entertained. Crimes committed in books simply are not real nor should they be judged as such.

The Wattpad content guidelines exist to comply with Canadian Laws. Outside of the issues stipulated in those guidelines, live and let live (on Wattpad).


In real life, yes. In a book it’s not. A book is fiction. There is a huge difference.


I am satisfied with this response and feel that we are in good hands in terms of how Wattpad HQ chooses to review content.


Sexual fantasy, writing criminal activity or material in which a character is a victim to abuse but the ramifications of the abuse are realistic are all fine with me.

If a writer writes erotica about a character planning every Friday for her brash male lead to rough her up behind an alley and call her filthy names: fine. There’s consent.

If a writer writes a thriller about an abusive billionaire who treats his girlfriend like garbage but he gets arrested or killed in the end: lovely. There’s justice.

If a writer writes a romance about an abusive man who’s gone through therapy, turned his life around, and found new love with a new woman: beautiful. That’s hopeful.

I’m not gonna sit here and say okay, millions of women, you’re okay for fantasizing about men emotionally and/or physically abusing you without comeuppance. It’s not okay.

Why are women fantasizing about glorifying these awful abusive men?

Why are these women written as doormats with no life outside of their relationships with these men?

That psychological hold these abusive men have on women isn’t a fantasy: it’s a problem.

To be clear, I’m not here to tell anyone to stop enjoying what they’re reading. You can read what you want. But to me, abuse is in line with rape, pedophilia, and child abuse. And glorifying any of these heinous activities just screams problems.

Finally, I’ve said all I can about this. If you don’t agree, it’s fine. Please don’t go back and forth about this. Move on and enjoy your day. I will enjoy mine.


I think the beauty of a free society is that there is plenty of diversity to go around. And we, as readers, can vote with our wallets and our intellect to consume content which is appropriate for us.


Exactly. Totally agree.


~High five~ Personally I love writing stories with strong female leads who aren’t doormats. That’s also what I like to read.


Me too!


LOL I was mostly joking, but I think it would be great if Wattpad put together a group of people to stay on top of making sure stories that violate the guidelines get reported. Or, if they already have such a group, making it bigger and more efficient. I think if the website were monitored as thoroughly as the clubs are, meaning they ensure rules are being followed with the same dedication, the problem wouldn’t be as big.


Definitely! My friends and I have started an account, the Real Romance Movement, but we’re still trying to get things off the ground. At the moment, it’s very much in beginning stages :slight_smile:


Totally agree. I have not gone after any authors personally, and have refrained from mentioning or calling out specific authors, except in the case of when someone asked for a specific example of a story that violated guidelines. I am more concerned with the fact that reported stories don’t get taken down for violating guidelines, so either they’ve found a loophole, or the rules just aren’t being enforced. And that is a problem.


Okay so I’m thinking you’ve not read my replies to anybody else with this same concern, which is fair because there’s a lot of replies to wade through. However, please understand that I’m a little frustrated of people coming up with hypotheticals and accusing me of things that do not apply to this post at all.

To reiterate my stance:

-ON WATTPAD, books that romanticize rape and abuse, meaning they make rape look like something that’s romantic and put it in a positive light, should be removed. Wattpad’s own guidelines say something similar, although abuse is not mentioned unless it’s sexual abuse.

-ON WATTPAD, books that romanticize pedophilia, meaning they take a relationship between a grown man and a child and make it look romantic or good or okay, should be removed. Wattpad’s own guidelines ban pedophilic relationships with sexual content.

So I really do NOT understand why so many people are saying I have a destructive opinion. Like, it’s just Wattpad. It’s not the end of the world :joy: And honestly, I didn’t really have to take a bunch of time and think about “hmm, if Wattpad says stories about rape shouldn’t be on the website, does that mean stories about rape should be on this website?” It seems kind of obvious to me.


You can’t paint with a wide brush. Wattpad has even said there is room for these stories and it relies on the context. Game of Thrones has rape and incest and is hugely popular. Almost every historical romance which portrays the real world/history may include rape. I think the reason you are being misunderstood about the censorship thing is that you believe everything with even the mention of something not allowed in the guidelines should be summarily removed with no second thought. In order to make that judgement context plays a role. Are you reading these stories all the way through to determine the author’s intent? Based on your dislike of such things, I doubt you are.

I think you are doing the right thing by flagging stories. Just don’t throw a fit when the story isn’t immediately removed. There are millions of books and review may take time. Also, flagging doesn’t mean it’s going to be removed. It means Wattpad will review it. I think that is what the admins have been trying to say with every response.


It is okay. No therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you it isn’t okay. The reason it’s not a problem is because it’s a victimless crime. No one is hurt. There’s no problem.


“Thought crimes” do not exist. Again, that is why everything is okay in literature in US law.


I wonder what that would look like without it becoming too much like censorship.


That’s what the content ambassadors do. The problem is, there’s thousands upon thousands of book uploaded so there’s really no way of having a team truly big enough to catch them all without help from the rest of the reader base. So while the content ambassadors do the best they can to report those books to HQ, there will unfortunately be things which slip through. That’s why reporting is stressed so much, because that helps. And if someone ever feels like HQ took the wrong action they can contact a content mod as another opinion. They might be able to better explain why something didn’t get removed or get HQ to look at it again.


It’s why I don’t believe in censorship and this is my opinion and you can think it’s okay while I don’t have to.