Wattpad Has Big Problems



Again, not what I said, so please don’t put words in my mouth. I’ll put my original post here, because I’m tired of repeating myself, and it seems like nobody is actually reading it.

I’m not? And honestly that’s a pretty rude thing to say? I am upset that books that violate guidelines are left up months after I reported them.

I understand that, and I wouldn’t want every book that’s flagged to be immediately removed. Nowhere in this topic have I ever said that or something in the vein of that. I think it’s very important that these books get reviewed. But the rules are either not being enforced, or they have pretty big loopholes, and I see that as a problem. The rules are meant to keep certain content off the website. If they’re not doing that, something needs to change.


You contradict yourself in your responses all the time. You just said:


Right, this is what I thought there should be a “task force” for, just a group of people helping the ambassadors look out for these stories and report them. I sympathize for the ambassadors, I understand it’s a huge job. It’s just not getting done to the extent that it needs to be. I’m trying to help out, I know a lot of other people who are trying to help out. Personally, no book I’ve reported has been taken down, that I can recall. So maybe I have a very different opinion from Wattpad about what their rules mean, or maybe the rules aren’t being enforced enough. I honestly don’t know where the hitch is, I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. That’s partially why I made this post. I legitimately want to know why this isn’t working, and how I can personally help make it work.


That’s totally taken out of context and not even what we were talking about. The author accused me of being destructive because I didn’t think this through before I posted. That’s what I was referring to.


I’m beginning to see a trend here. You wanted to create a post and have everyone agree with you. As soon as someone disagrees with your point of view, even if it’s polite and well thought out, you call their posts irrelevant, out of context, and tell them they are missing the point. Got it.


No, but I did want to create a post and have a civil discussion without being called names


I think the issue is these glorification of abuse stories are immensely and overwhelmingly popular. So since profit is the ultimate bottom line for any business, I wonder how this site can put a stop to those stories.

I think this is a trend that will eventually die, just like every other. It’s just a matter of time.


The reason @inksorcery and I keep bringing this back to a censorship argument is because that’s the elephant in the room for this thread.

You are saying quite clearly that stories that “break the guidelines” are being reported and not removed.

We are saying, just because you feel like they break the guidelines, the story not being removed by a content mod/support means that it didn’t break the guidelines.

We are saying that you are not the best judge of what breaks the guidelines or not because of your own personal biases. That is why it is important to be able to look at stories objectively and see if they have any literary worth before deciding that just because it contains an element of something I don’t like, it should be censored ON WATTPAD.

Yes, it’s a private site, and they have the right to censor whatever they want ON WATTPAD. But, Wattpad is clearly stating, by not removing a story that they don’t want to do that.

This thread exists to tell them to ban more content and to tighten their guidelines. We are saying, no, don’t do that because it’s censorship.


Did you pass the books on to a content mod to get a second opinion? They might be able to let you know why it was deemed acceptable (or again pass it back to HQ and get them to look at it again)

My reports prior to being an ambassador were always copyright reports and mine were taken down immediately. But mine are also more cut and dry because they were copyright infringement. It would’ve been really hard for them to say it’s okay :laughing: I’ll still be making those reports once I get a handle on my club modding duties and feel comfortable branching back out. So obviously my view of the reporting is going to be more positive since I’ve had positive results.


I don’t think they can ever truly put a complete stop to it, but they can keep trying to catch as many as they can. Not a perfect answer, I know.


Okay, because that does apply to this topic and that makes sense. And you have a fair point about me not getting to be the one who decides what should be allowed and what isn’t. But a ton of people are acknowledging “Yes, this is bad, this is a problem.” Wattpad’s Content Guidelines acknowledge “Yes, abuse is bad, pedophilia is bad, rape is bad, hate speech is bad.” Yet, the stories stay up.

There are stories that fall into a gray area. There are stories that I, personally, and there are a lot of other people that agree with me, do not feel fall into a gray area. And for a company that states they don’t allow pornographic, rape, pedophilic stories, there’s an awful lot of stories on here that fall into those categories.


No, I honestly didn’t know that there were people I could personally contact about this before I started the thread. A lot of the time, the only answer I get is “report it”, so it was nice to see some ambassadors reaching out and offering something beyond that :smile:


Finally! Up until this point you have not acknowledged how your original post is directly related to censorship. Thank you @CalebTheReaderWriter


Yup you can always pass it on to a content mod to get that second opinion. I mean I can’t promise you get better results because it might still get deemed okay, but they would hopefully be able to explain why. You’ll still hear the go-to of reporting since that is the preferred method, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t get that second opinion if you don’t feel satisfied.

Sorry for tagging you again @Angelic_Vamp but you’re my go to content mod for these things :laughing:


I don’t even see what the point in talking about this is because you’re ignoring half the things I’m saying and the other half you’re twisting to put words in my mouth.


Yes, they’ve been very helpful on this topic! :smile:


I feel bad always tagging them since I know there’s other content mods, but they’re usually the first one I can remember :laughing:


I’m going to try to make this my last response because this is frustrating, but I seriously fear what the outcome of a thread like this remaining unopposed could be.

As I said earlier, it is ridiculously easy to make a book with literary worth that would not be banned according to the content guidelines even though they include that element.

That is why the content guidelines are relatively broad. As @inksorcery said above, banning anything with those guidelines would make historical fiction pretty difficult to do. If those guidelines were absolute then a story with a child bride would be immediately banned, and that’s unfair to the historical fiction writer.

Furthermore, as I said above, it is ridiculously easy to write a homophobic story with hate speech against LGBT people with literary value. If you are a good writer, your story may not be banned if it’s done well enough.

You say, a story that encourages murder should be banned, but what about murder for self-defense to escape your kidnapper? For goodness sakes, the Bible encourages genocide and includes incest but again it has enough literary value that it would remain on WattPad.

Your problem is clearly that you don’t see the important concept of literary value that is being taken into account during moderation. That’s what support/content mods are looking at. That’s why things that you report are still on the site.

And the reason you can’t see the literary value is because of your own personal bias.

Asking for stories that you don’t like because of your own personal biases to be removed even when the story has been shown to have literary value is called censorship. It is not okay.

To many on this forum, just because my story includes age-regression and “glorifies kidnapping” it should be removed. But because my story has literary value, it would not be.


I have not twisted your words, I’ve merely given you a broader perspective on the topic which you brought up. You should be pleased your topic has garnered this much attention and that it has resulted in a legitimate (and good) discussion about said topics. Instead of looking down on people who choose to interact with you, perhaps acknowledging they have a salient point would be to your advantage. You find issue with everything I say even I agree with you that certain types of content should be disqualified based on Wattpad’s guidelines. There can be such a thing as censorship on Wattpad, especially when things are taken down without ignoring their context.

This is not a SIMPLE concept. I disagree with you wholeheartedly. Just because I don’t write these kinds of books doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to exist. It’s easy to find the courage to shut down ideas we disagree with, much harder to uphold people’s creative rights on Wattpad and elsewhere.

I haven’t personally come across books which CALL FOR people to commit hate crimes, genocide, etc. on Wattpad. Then again, I’m not looking for them. You say that judging such works is simple and obvious but clearly even the highest courts have grappled with these issues. Might be simple to you…perhaps.


@italychick - this little quote is pretty much spot on. People may report things, but the team at HQ doesn’t have to agree with the report when the story flagged is compared to our Guidelines. People’s perceptions of what is or isn’t acceptable is often culturally biased or biased in terms of people’s own experiences or upbringing. One culture may consider bare ankles an absolute abomination for example.

As @Prisim has noted, this is what the ambassadors do too, but what you can do is keep reporting things wen you see them. That adds to the data we have, and that data helps develop additional tools. And that is where the future lies.