Wattpad Has Big Problems



Sorry, when someone takes something I said and turns it into something I didn’t say, I call that twisting my words. When I specifically state that Wattpad is censoring these works and you say I never acknowledge my topic is related to censorship, that’s twisting my words by my definition.

You are absolutely within your rights to disagree with me. I never said you didn’t have a right to disagree with me. I asked you not to pull me into an argument about the logic or morals of censorship in the grand global scale, and keep it specific to Wattpad, just because I didn’t want to discuss those things. You came onto this thread calling people absurd and silly, which is honestly going to make people a little hostile to your opinions.

I don’t find it easy to be called a destructive force in society or told I’m throwing a fit. I don’t find it easy to be the only person in a large group of people that I discuss this with to actually take it into the forums and talk to people about it. If it was easy, a lot more of the people who share this view would be doing it. I would say calling yourself “a courageous upholder of people’s creative rights” is easy.

Actually, I said that the concept of bad things being censored according to a website’s guidelines is simple to me. Calling rape rape is simple to me. I understand there’s a gray area, and maybe it isn’t so black and white to other people. I never expected the execution of such a thing to be simple. But just because it’s hard or complicated doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.


You’ve stated you don’t want to keep talking about this, so I’ll respect that and leave it here.


Excellent. So, you understand that the definition of rape currently varies across cultures, right?

And that the definition of rape that you use may not be the definition of rape that the site chooses to use when they moderate content?

Because this is the problem. My definition of rape fits the mold of the current social justice warrior. I understand all of the microaggressions leading up to rape and how the definition has evolved over time.

Now, it may be possible that this is not the definition being used to moderate content, and it’s just the plain old graphic hold me down, threaten to kill me and sexually assault me.

It may be possible that a story where there’s dubious consent might still be allowed to exist because the old-school definition of rape is the one being used to moderate content.


OK, here’s what you want to hear, ready? You win! LOL


I feel like crying right now bc this is so true.


I just cringed right now. This is disgusting!


I feel sick right now… and I just ate lunch :nauseated_face:


Sadly, a child marrying a man in his fifties or older isn’t as uncommon in this world. There are still many countries where this is practiced. It’s even legal in the US to marry as a child if you have your parents consent. One state in the US has a 14 year age requirement to be allowed to marry, and that’s without needing the consent of parents.

Now, this is certainly not equivalent to the age of four, but we saw it for ourselves in Twilight with Renesme and Jake. She was a freakin newborn then.


I know. In my country, a 9 year-old marries a 60 year-old man.

It still makes me sick even though I’m used to such real-life marriage stories.


This is horrible!!


And yet most of us probably weren’t appalled by it as readers or moviegoers.

When a shape-shifter imprints on a specific girl or woman, he becomes unconditionally bound to her for the rest of his life. When it happens, the experience is described as being gravitationally pulled toward that person while a glowing heat fills him, and everyone and everything else in his life becomes secondary, and only the imprintee is left to matter, leaving the shape-shifter with a deep need to do anything to please and protect his soulmate.

Imprinting can occur anytime after a wolf’s first phasing. It can happen with anyone, regardless of previous personal feelings. It happens the first time he sees the object of his imprinting.

Imprinting can’t be forced on anyone, no matter how much the shape-shifter may want it, as shown by Jacob Black when he tried numerous times to imprint on Bella Swan. The same is also true for Leah Clearwater, who didn’t look for someone to imprint on, like Jacob did, but admitted to either wanting to imprint or be imprinted on. How imprinting will be for her is currently unknown because she is the first female shape-shifter in the tribe’s history.

What would happen if a wolf is rejected by his imprintee is also unknown, though this is assumed to be virtually impossible. The imprinter is deemed to be the “perfect match” to the imprintee—he will be anything she may want or need, making rejection unlikely. Should it happen, however, the imprinter may feel unspeakable pain, and may even want to commit suicide.

This is how imprinting is described for Twilight. Now, we accepted it because of the age progression or whatever, but it was still finding his soulmate in a newborn child when he himself was like seventeen.


Thanks for explaining it. Yup, in my mind, I only see it as lusting over a newborn baby.


Bruh you said that was going to be your last reply so I respected you and let you have the last word. To come back and be like “psych, didn’t mean it” is kind of uncool. But whatever.

Yes, I understand people can define rape different ways. That’s why I said it’s simple to me. My definition of rape is very clear cut. Other peoples’ definition varies. Wattpad should have a clear definition that they use, and stories that violate that should be held accountable.


That’s not what I want to hear. I am more than willing to agree to disagree. You don’t have to say that I’m right to stop an argument.


I mean, I think it’s pretty clear we’re not going to come to an agreement on this issue, so I don’t see any point in dragging it out.


this is an incredible response!


how is it uncool to return to a debate? it’s more uncool for someone to respond to you with valid, well-articulated points and for you to ignore them or refuse to respond to them because you can’t think of a response imo.


It’s uncool to say “I’m done”, get the last word, have your opponent say “okay, cool, I respect that” and then come back. In no other debate would that be allowed. If you say you’re going to walk away, just walk away.

Also, I did think of a response because I responded to them.


Which Shakespeare play involves romanticising pedophilia??


Let me know if there is any way that I can support this movement because I am here for this.