Wattpad Has Big Problems



Well the problem with that is on Wattpad, I have yet to report a book that had any literary value whatsoever. The grammar used is like teenagers texting each other; actually, my texts have better grammar than these stories. The plotlines are an absolute mess, jumping from random points and making zero sense. So no, these books don’t have literary value. Not the ones I’m talking about, anyways.

LOL it can’t be murder if it’s for self-defense, so that’s a moot point too.

IDK why people keep bringing up incest, as I don’t recall saying anything about incest? I could be mistaken, though, this conversation has been going on for a while. And yes, the Bible does have literary value. The books I report do not, by really anyone’s definition.

OK, so let’s take literary value into consideration. All the books I reported should still be deleted. They have no redeeming value.

I never asked for stories I don’t like because of my personal biases to be removed when they have been shown to have literary value. I asked for poorly written smut with glorified rape to be censored. And I’m okay with you not thinking that’s okay.


Thank you! Appreciate the support :heart:


There are multiple issues here:

  1. Minors accessing the internet and viewing content not age appropriate (I agree it’s an issue with no clear solution. Solving it involves parents and institutions putting systems in place to educate minors/prevent them from accessing content. Wattpad has already done this. They have given us the tools to flag underage kids.
  2. Unsavory material - I agree some material is unsavory and not for everyone. Users who don’t wish to read this shouldn’t. That to me is pretty straight forward. I believe we agree on this also.
  3. Wattpad Content Guidelines Enforcement - I believe this is the contentious issue that hinges on censorship if we’re not careful. I AGREE (PLEASE NOTE) that works that don’t meet their content guidelines should be removed.

Here is where I think we disagree:
You believe Wattpad is not working fast enough removing flagged works and a stronger response is needed. You wish for Wattpad to paint with a broader brush.

I believe Wattpad is doing a decent job reviewing flagged works and exercising good judgement regarding context and intent of the work before removal. I believe there is a good balance on the site right now and would not like to see books being removed based on tags, etc. Context is important.

I think we can agree on some topics and not on others. Since many topics are mixed in one thread it makes it difficult to differentiate agreement on one topic vs disagreement on another.


Yes, there are multiple issues. I can appreciate your points and where you’re coming from. “Agree to disagree” doesn’t mean “Hey, you can say whatever and I won’t have any problem with it”. It means that you’re okay with someone else having a different opinion than yours, and you’re not going to keep trying to push your opinion onto them. It doesn’t mean everyone’s going to walk away from the conversation satisfied. It doesn’t mean anybody won. It just means both people involved were mature enough to realize “This isn’t getting us anywhere, we’re just frustrating each other” and then saying “Hey, I don’t agree with you, but I’m also not going to waste your time or mine in an argument that isn’t going anywhere.”

  • I agree that Wattpad is a big site, and there are things that are going to slip through the cracks.
  • I appreciate that censorship can lead to problems like ones that you have experienced.
  • I understand that content isn’t as black-and-white for everyone, and that it can be hard to draw definitive lines for what content is harmful and what is just unsavory.

I see that we want Wattpad to take different courses of action in terms of regarding something we both agree to be a problem. I hope that by airing both of our opinions, they’ll be able to think about this subject and find a compromise that satisfies both of our concerns. Even if they can’t, I hope they’ll at least give the matter more thought now that it’s been brought to their attention.


Yes! :smiley:


This is really one of my issues - people with no understanding of the subject matter commenting, If I go into work tomorrow and ask a girl out on a date - it’s not sexual harassment - UNLESS she goes to HR or my boss and says - “I want to lodge a complaint against Gabby for sexual harassment.” If I give it six months, find out she’s single or she shows any interest in me and I ask her out again -my firm is out in harm’s way of a lawsuit for…
wait for it.
allowing me to sexually harass her.
It’s horses for courses - You think catcalling sexual harassment - but we are walking down the street and I am catcalled and you are not - I have not been sexually harassed - because the harassment is individual to the person. So you can’t race off and file a lawsuit that I have been sexually harassed - and I will not file one either. Turn it around - and you would be screaming sexual harassment pretty much right away.
ANY competent employer will tell you that you should not be asking co-workers out, offering to buy them drinks - anything of the sort - specifically because of the risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit. That’s where we are these days - and that you think I was being facetious is actually quite scary - but kinda just reinforces my point that people aren’t capable of thinking carefully and objectively about issues. In this context - you have people with a marginal grasp on the topic insisting that wattpad censor others. Tuh-errifying!!


Even with the cracks, remember what happened with the Wattys this year. There was that book that had under age minors having sex and it somehow made the long list. Wattpad then removed it, then let it back on after the writer complained but changed the ages.


It is illegal for an individual (an 18 yr old is still a teen) to have consensual sex with another individual under the age of 18 who is not their spouse. That way - if a married couple from Scotland come to California and the husband is 18 and his wife is 17 (legal age of consent is 16 in Scotland) then you don’t have the shitty position of the husband being arrested and imprisoned for state rape.


Long list, not short list. Fixed.


i don’t get your frustration - you started this post with a very poorly worded rant and people are rightly calling you to task on it. I don’t understand what you think if off topic - you hit pedophilia, rape, and censorship all in one go. My replies are not going beyond those topics.

This last post makes more sense because you are explaining it a little. I am not for a portrayal of rape or pedophilia as “romantic” - but there is always a context you need to consider and you have not done so - really, not even once. Wattpad’s guidelines seem pretty obvious to me. They are not the problem here - the problem is you want the guidelines to conform to your particular mindset on those topics. I’ve tried to demonstrate how that’s a fairly immature and destructive approach. It may just be a lack of precision or failure to get your actual point across on your part. Anyway - I feel like I have contributed all I can to this discussion - I did not want the censorship issue to go unchecked.


Yeah, I think the biggest thing I disagree with on this thread is the idea that WP is doing a decent job with taking down stories that break the guidelines! :joy: It was shocking to see that happen in the Wattys this year!

I used to think that they just didn’t agree with my criteria with what broke the guidelines which I was a bit appalled at due to some of the stuff I reported, but I could understand. The thing is though, I found out you can report directly to ambassadors about this stuff, right? So, I reported the exact same stories for the exact same problems and they all got taken down. Obviously I had understood what did and didn’t break the guidelines, yet my reports had been responded to previously with “it looks okay!”

So, it seems to me that the problem isn’t people reporting what shouldn’t be reported - which there is still some of, of course - but the team in charge of looking through the reports not doing it diligently enough :woman_shrugging: I’m not one to report grey-area stories, but the ones that blatantly call for violence or straight-out talk about other races/people as inferior I do report.

That example of the Wattys shows my point expertly! Plus the fact that WP is so afraid of confrontation that they let the book back up on the list after the author threw a tantrum instead of picking a book that fit the guidelines and the criteria to replace it is just horrible, in my opinion. It discredited the whole Wattys as “hand-picked great books” in my eyes, but that’s just me.


Didn’t the Wattys also used to be 100% human reviewed?


that’s the issue. You’ve reported them - they’ve been reviewed by the CA and they have determined they do not violate the guidelines - and you are almost literally saying “no I**strong text**think they are violative and I don’t care what you think - you need to take them down because I am right!!”
that’s not how real life works.


To be fair, Wattpad doesn’t really have a great way of reporting stories. For violations or copyrighted content.


No clue because I wasn’t here back when they supposedly were, but the fact that a book like that got all the way to the Longlist shows me that the Wattys is probably 95% machine and 5% humans grazing over the books :joy:


I’m pretty sure it’s most likely a bot because there were a few stories for other reasons that surprised me which made the list. Including one with all sorts of errors.


If anything this has really boosted my confidence for next year and my stories. XD


I see you are not going away, so let’s get down to it.

Wattpad already censors stories. They have guidelines about what content is allowed on this site. My issue is that these guidelines are not followed, and that the content they deem inappropriate is allowed to stay up through loopholes and technicalities (the same ones that allow werewolf smut to crowd out legitimate fantasy in the rankings).

No it is not my view, and when you’re going to enter a discussion, at least have the respect to read what other people say before you accuse them and put words in their mouths. Your screenplay does not glorify pedophilia. It does not portray a relationship between a grown man and a child as romantic. Therefore, it does not fall into the category of what Wattpad says isn’t allowed on this website, and I said I thought should be removed.

Again, we are talking about literature and media that GLORIFIES, PRAISES, ROMANTICIZES, or CONDONES racism and homophobia. None of the movies you’ve mentioned do that.

What do you want me to say? I already stated that is wrong, and that it isn’t Wattpad’s fault. I don’t know what I can do about it. If I could stop people from lying, I could take away a good chunk of the things you said I said.

I never, not once in the entirety of this topic, said anything about consensual lesbian sex, so I would be very baffled as to why you would think this topic has anything to do with that except that you’re basically arguing with yourself at this point, since you’re offended by all the things I never said. Wattpad isn’t going to take it down, it doesn’t go against the guidelines, and it has nothing to do with the problems that have been brought up here. Namely: pedophilia, rape, sexual abuse.

That’s funny, because I would say someone who equates romanticizing abuse and pedophilia as having the same amount of harmful content as videos of puppies and butterflies a destructive force in society. And I’m sorry having an opinion that differs from yours counts as shoving it down your throat.

There is no need for me to seek out things to be offended by, as Wattpad insists on shoving offensive content in my face at every turn. I’m sorry that me stating pedophilia is wrong sounds like whining and "complaint"ing to you.

Point your righteous indignation at yourself, because you’re the one saying these things. Nobody here had anything to say about your content. Go ahead and cry victim, but you’re doing it to yourself and I won’t apologize or claim responsibility.

To be frank, I find your comments to be rude, offensive, and very confused as you apparently doesn’t take the time to read my posts before writing a rant against me. I honestly don’t even know how to have a discussion with someone who calls religious people lunatics that don’t deserve free speech. That’s about as hateful and prejudiced as you can get.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t agree with most of the picks due to a lot of reasons, but I’m just chalking that up to my criteria not matching WP’s and we can’t really do anything about that! Honestly, since almost none of the books fit my own criteria for a good book, I’m not sure if I’ll enter next year.

Like, why would I want to be among books that don’t fit my criteria if I win? Would that mean my own book doesn’t fit my criteria? Probably :joy:

But, yeah, after seeing the winners this year, I’m not sure if I’ll try again next year. We’ll see when the time comes :woman_shrugging:


Ok, I know that you feel like you are not being heard and I see that, but I think we should all calm down here, yeah? :blush:


All the time in my recs. :confused: