Wattpad Has Big Problems



I’ve seen both content that violates guidelines and just content I don’t read and don’t search for! I wish they had an “unlike” button so that WP would never recommend that book to you again :joy:

The recs are a mess. Everyone has said this, lol


I’m sorry, but if I didn’t get mad that someone called all religious people lunatics who didn’t deserve the right to free speech then I think there would be something wrong with me. That’s just not okay.


I’ve been watching this thread since the beginning, and in that time, my opinions over this have changed, but I stand by my original statement:

If you think something violates the guidelines and Wattpad agrees, it gets taken down. Maybe it’s censorship, but it’s okay, because it’s a private site and they can basically do anything they want. We agree to this by using the site. It works the other way, too, though; some things we personally disagree with are allowed to remain up because they don’t violate guidelines. We agree to this by using the site.

Personally I think the best thing to do if you want something changed is to talk about calmly, publicly, and without insulting people. Wattpad is willing to listen to us, so it’s up to us to say what we need to say in a way they’ll listen to.




You can get mad in your own right. You can call people out. But we have to do so respectfully and civilly so that things don’t get out of hand! I’m not directing this at solely you either, but we all have to calm down here unless we want a mod showing up :blush:


no one called you a name - I asked you to stop being a destructive force. The theory you are espousing is something I consider destructive and it’s clear you haven’t thought any of it out. It seems like you just genuinely thought everyone would go “YEAH! GO YOU!” and are surprised no one has. I think the point you were trying to make is we should not be accepting of works that portray violent or abusive rape as some sort of romantic episode, or a badge of honor or something people should aspire to has no place on wattpad, I would agree with that and I think that’s what wattpad guidelines are there to protect. I think wattpad’s guidelines actually go further - and seek to make sure rape scenes do not appear in work - I don’t agree with that line of censorship - but I also don’t have to agree to wattpad’s T&Cs so I accept those guidelines by having and maintaining an account. I think your intentions are mostly good - but I just don’t think you thought any of this through anywhere nearly enough. You did spark an excellent debate though. and hopefully people can take something from this thread. No one thinks badly of you as a person - it’s the premise you are proposing which is one that typically emanates from the millennial hotbed of liberalism. You seem too intelligent to be of that ilk.


I’m already here xD I love stalking the threads a little too much (plus I commented on this one at the beginning)


Agreed, but I also want the old ranking system back! Nothing is in the right genre anymore and I can’t find anything to read! It’s all just fanfic, bad boys, and werewolf mates :joy:


Seems to me the destructive force are those writers who celebrate abusive relationships.


Lol, trying to keep the peace - and my cool! Are you proud of me? :joy:




So proud :smiley: xD


That’s an unusual situation, no?




I’m going to get lunch. I look forward to catching up and seeing if this thread is still here when I get back. XD


Wattpad doesn’t censor sex scenes, only underage ones. Other than that, just rate your work “Mature” and it’s completely allowed on the site! :blush:


No they don’t. XD

See long list, lol.

Joking, but for the most part they do.


Ok, let me rephrase. The GUIDELINES censors underage sex scenes. The whole point of this thread was that Wattpad wasn’t being diligent enough when taking down those stories with underage sex scenes, shown perfectly by the Wattys :joy:


I know. I was giving you a hard time. XD


Lol, I know! I was just rephrasing as a little joke to poke you back :wink::joy: