Wattpad Has Big Problems



I did not expect that; any time I post anything on the internet, I expect somebody to find offense at it. Though actually lots of people have agreed, so I’m good there xP

Right, that’s what I said.

Actually, Wattpad allows rape and abuse and pedophilia to be in stories so long as they’re not making it seem like a good thing. I agree with that. We should write about reality and real life and real people, and a lot of that is going to be ugly.

Well shoot, I certainly went wrong then, because I’m a conservative :joy: I feel like if we could take political and religious assumptions out of this, the discussion might be different. I am absolutely not advocating for widespread censorship.

I appreciate your responding civilly.


Lol I’m going to share my Madwoman Xeno’s Grand Plan for Rankings with you (lol sorry)

One main genre tag (#Fantasy, #Romance, etc.); these ranks are the ones that show up next to a story

Multiple descriptive tags (#strongfemalecharacter, #lovetriangle, etc.); tags to help authors describe books and readers refine their searches for books; while you can rank in these, they won’t show up on your story unless you click

A tag blacklist (“do not show me #badboy”) that prevents stories with this tag from being recommended or shown in searches; could also be used for fanfiction (I know we have a filter feature for searches but some themes I don’t want to be recommended either)


I think the point that most people are missing here is that this thread was never meant to EXPAND WP’s censorship, only to be more diligent in taking down the stories that go against the guidelines that already exist! It was about enforcing rules, not making new ones :blush:


Lol, with the new ranking system, people with bad boy books and such have stopped tagging their books with the obvious tags that way the books show up everywhere you look! It’s horrifying :joy:


Yeah, I don’t know how to stop tag abuse since it’s up to the user to decide what to tag their story


Yeah, it’d be impossible to regulate proper tag usage, so that’s a total dead end :joy::joy:

That’s why i want the old system back! I, personally, liked it much better and I thought it worked a lot better too. It wasn’t perfect, but I wish they would’ve just improved on that ranking system instead of this new one, which I felt like more of a step back than progress, but that’s just my opinion :woman_shrugging:


Honestly :joy: I don’t want to add a whole bunch of stuff to the censorship list. I just think if a site says “these are bad and we don’t allow them” then they shouldn’t allow them, and if I report them and they’re left up, something should change :woman_shrugging:


I do like the tags tho; it’s nice to know what elements a story contains before reading it


YAS. QUEEN. :clap: I cannot say enough how much I miss the general category rankings. Ever since the new system came out, I feel like rankings don’t matter anymore because it’s so random. Nobody cares if my Viking fantasy book ranked #5 out of 18 in “smugglers”, least of all me :joy:


I also would just really like books to be properly labelled as “mature” or not! Like, I don’t really enjoy explicit sex scenes all that much, and I hate when a book seems like a cool fantasy and it’s not even rated mature yet, like, the second chapter was an explicit sex scene! I PMed the author about it and they hadn’t read the regulations so they changed it, but I’ve stumbled upon so many stories like that and I’m just here like “Please tell me it’s mature or that there’s sex scenes! I don’t want to read that!” :joy::joy:

But that’s a different problem, lol.


Right? I think tags should be not so much for rankings but for description




The new tag rankings system is also broken every single freaking day.


The tags were in place already before, though. I just don’t like using them as a ranking system.

Like, please tell me why I care that a book is #1 in Tree?? :joy::joy:



It’s like when a book’s blurb gets you all hyped up and then the actual plot is not what the blurb described.

looks angrily at Throne of Glass



Okay, true :joy: :deciduous_tree:


YES, that’s the way it used to be and I thought it worked really well that way


The point is not to police what is written. Like many other people who disagree with this post, you are once more mistaking a good story about true trials and tribulations with romanticizing and fetishizing things that prepubescent kids are eating up.

Example - there is a difference between having homophobia in your story, and your story being homophobic. Antagonists persecuting gay people in your story is fine. Having your gay characters talk with a lisp and portray the part of a stereotypical gay best friend that serves no purpose other than to take your MC shopping is not fine.

Abuse being a plot point in your story is fine. Characters overcoming abuse is fine. Pedophiles dealing with their urges is fine. That’s a story.

Abuse being seen as a slow burn romance is not fine. Characters thinking their spouse beating them to a pulp out of drunken anger is sexy and romantic is not fine. These stories being written by 11-15 year old’s is DEFINITELY not fine.