Wattpad Has Big Problems



Then that is a auto email. When did you reported and under what option?


I reported a few days ago, under inappropriate text content/pornographic material. I might also mention that I found this story because the author was recommending it on these threads.

I just checked the ticket thing (thank you! I didn’t know we could do that!) and it says solved, but the story is still there. Does that mean Wattpad wants it to stay up?


If it says ‘solved’ and there is no staff reply (which there’s a person’s name and ‘hi, this work…’) then no, it’s a problem and I think a bug. Which is why I also recommend trying the different option if one option don’t work.

If you want you can PM me the work and I’ll try to check and see if report or not.


Thank you! I just did :sparkles:


Dang, I just read through 505 comments. Wow. Anywho, just stating I agree with you completely. I also understood your point the first time you said it… I’m sorry you had to repeat the same thing over ten times. I’ve been there. But I do agree that if wattpad has guidelines, they need to enforce them. They also follow Candian law, being a Canadian created site, so their guidelines generally fall within Canadian law. What those guidelines have to do with other countries is not the argument. California may have sex with someone under 18 at illegal, but Canada doesn’t. And since wattpad goes with Canadian law, the content allows for people under 18 (over 16 or 17) to have sex in books.


I think the biggest thing to take from that is to point out the unhealthiness, not just let it slide because they’re young or ill-informed. If my parents hadn’t taught me right from wrong and how people should treat me when I was younger I might think that the romanticized abuse and such is okay!

I think that it’s up to everyone to educate each other on certain things, not just let ignorance slide because someone is young or ill-informed. You don’t get angry, but you DO point it out and teach. If you just ignore it then it’s basically like saying it’s okay and that’s definitely not a message I, personally, would like to send to the younger readers and writers on this site.


Yes this ^^ Even if WP is open for global users and you don’t live in Canada, their HQ is still in Canada and follows Canada’s rules and laws. :canada: :maple_leaf:

Off topic but I want to trip to Canada but me never traveled and got no funds :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I agree with that.

That wasn’t my focus in other comments, because I was focusing on the perception and understanding of why people might do/write the problematic things and not how to then interact once we see/know what is happening.

But I do agree that taking time to coach or teach is a good thing that others can do, and like you said “don’t get angry”, but “teach”.


LOL okay then were you lying about your age?? Because you’re 13 right now and that’s the youngest that’s allowed here. Listen, I understand that being 13 feels very grown-up and mature─ and who knows, you might be more mature than the average 13-year-old─ but still, it’s really young. And speaking as someone who’s worked in childcare for over 10 years, and has such known a loooot of 13-year-olds, quite frankly the majority of them don’t know the difference between right or wrong. Especially these days. Most of the kids I’ve worked with have been lazy, spoiled, rebellious, and clueless about life. I’m not bashing them. That’s (mostly) who I was at 13. It’s a stage. Trust me, in five years, or even two, you’ll feel very differently.

And as for their parents, if parents were looking through their childrens’ phones or computers, we wouldn’t have 11/12-year-olds on this site. Some parents don’t care, and some kids find ways around it.


:skull: Man, I love your responses. The sarcasm in this post.

Disclaimer: I do not condone rape.


Preach!!! That’s what writing is all about. Folks act as if these things don’t happen in REAL life. Might as well all news platform while we are at it.


I understand what you are saying. Not because you write about it means you agree with it.


Glorifying abuse is not okay but most of these books are written by underage kids. They look up to social media couples and consider them as relationship goals. The reality is their relationship is classified as TOXIC.

I don’t believe grown adults will glorify relationships like this. It is a known fact that must victims of abuse don’t make it out alive and if they do they are left with battle scars.

But with banning content like this wouldn’t you be taking away a teenager’s passion for writing? Fantasy is never reality.

You can not blame a book for actions of others. Social media is what influence most of them.


… Who do you thinks makes the popular movies, books, and TV shows with the toxic and abusice relationships these kids see romanticized and want to copy?

This is a societal problem, not a young kid problem. Plenty of adults romanticize toxic relationships, abuse, and a lot of other things and pitch that to young and impressionable teens. It’s a vicious cycle, but adults are wholeheartedly a huge part of it.

These kids get into abusive and toxic relationships in their real life because they are taught that it is ideal.

Stop the system in place for it but never say it doesn’t harm people please.

If you see a young person writing like that - as I said earlier - it is our responsibility to not get angry but to teach and allow them to learn. They don’t get a free pass for writing that stuff just because they’re young. Teach them better! Or else nothing will ever change :woman_shrugging:




I was talking about books on Wattpad but carry on.

Like I said you can not blame books on Wattpad for kids romanticizing such relationships. Social media has taken the place of such act. Yes, there are adults that romanticizing these relationship as well but I was talking in terms of Wattpad.

I don’t agree with this. No one walks into an abusive relationship because it is ideal. An abuser doesn’t introduce himself on the first date as an abuser. No one walks in loving the thought of being abuse.

This I agree with to an extent.


I just want the trend to die. It’s been thriving for nearly a decade.


No, but they ignore signs of abuse. What do you think happens with “he only hit me once” or “I deserved it”?? They don’t announce they’re an abuser with their words but they stay with the person for far too long because they are taught that they can change the abuser or that they’ll be special somehow. It’s not the first date, but if popular books and movies and such show people getting abused and then falling in love, then that definitely causes certain decisions to be made, especially on impressionable teens.

Trust me, I’m a teens nd I’ve first-hand seen the influence of romanticized abusive and toxic relationships on people my age and it makes me sick. So many girls are opting for guys that they know are violent because they think they’ll be special and they can “fix him” and I’ve seen girls end up with the hospital, never turn him in, and go straight back because “it was only once” and “she deserved it”. The people perpetuating these ideals need to be stopped because it’s just one big vicious cycle and I’m absolutely done with it.


:rofl::joy::rofl: Okay I’m going to let it die to keep the peace.