Wattpad Has Big Problems



I just wanted to add to this that abuse does n’t start with a hit. Abusers normally weaken their significant other self esteem to the point they believe what ever they tell them. That feeling of worthlessness and you will never find someone better than me plays a big role in why some people stay in situations that are not ideal. I will not blame all books for this issue.

I see your point of view and I agree to an extent.


There’s emotional and physical abuse, yes of course.

I blame all the media that glorifies and romanticizes that stuff, yes. If it was shown in the negative light it should be shown in, less people would involve themselves in those sorts of situations, I think.


Er, can I just push on the idea that if the MC is a “sweet virgin” she somehow is more deserving of avoiding the abusive ahole trope than people who don’t fit that description? If the female MC is a salty professional prostitute, she doesn’t deserve an abusive ahole either. If the MC is a weapon-wielding, foul-mouthed, kinky dude, he also doesn’t deserve an abusive ahole. Nothing “especially” about it, I’d say.


There is a growing genre problem with the abusive relationships that is growing society wide and I think the increase you see in stories is reflective of this. The Yaoi genre is a good example of a genre that romanticizes rape in the name of love as being okay. So many young gay men stories often have rape or forced sex as the first experience and its disturbing. That people think this is an acceptable way to let someone know you love them is demented. Yaoi is particularly disturbing because its a genre written by women for women…they should know better. However, there was a study done a couple of years ago and a large number of women said that if done in the name of love, then rape was okay. There should have been no women who agreed with this statement, but it still exists.


Your point needn’t be said.

I didn’t need a check on my feminism within a thread in which I am bashing this entire subgenre of romance that’s as anti-feminist as you can get. Thanks anyways.


Just pushing on the language, not doubting your intent. None of us has to be perfect when we’re talking about these issues, and all I intended to point out is that the wording on that second question has an implication you may not have meant. It seemed to me that it was worth noting, especially in a thread where you’re bashing an anti-feminist subgenre.


remember wattpad is a voluntary application - you can leave at any time and if “wattpad insists on shoving offensive content” in yours and italychicks’ faces at every turn - honestly - why do you stay? Delete your account and go to another application. It’s really not difficult. If I walked into a walmart and I found myself constantly offended by the products there - do you think I’d keep shopping there? This is what baffles me - you choose to be in an environment that YOU had to subscribe to - and that by your own admission offends you constantly - and your solution is to complaint and demand censorship for everyone else? I just do not get that mentality. Leave! No one is making you stay here.


then you can side with italychick :slight_smile: question still remains - why would you remain subscribed to a website whose content is littered with a force so destructive it constantly offends you?? Account setting>deactivate account. It’s probably like a 2 step process.


Look if the content offends you that much and that often - delete your account. It’s that simple. This is voluntary website - you do not have to be here. I read that italychick and a few others feel like they are constantly having offending content rammed down their throats. Why stay then? In a weird sort of way - you are in your own abusive relationship with wattpad. Staying here just to get offended and complain about is as insane as saying that because a minority of subscribers are constantly offended - wattpad need to censor everyone else. I personally find twitter’s approach to the gay community very offensive - do you think I maintain a twitter account knowing that a lot of the content I see will offend me and demand that all content I deem offensive be removed? Or do you think I recognize that maybe my taking offense and twitter being offensive are two very different things perhaps I should shut down my account instead.?


yes - but what is much more common is interstate relationships. AOC is different in different states so it’s actual quite a real issue if a guy and his girlfriend visit, for example, CA from Idaho and have sex. if he’s 18 and she’s 17 - legal in Idaho - illegal in California. Using italychick’s guidelines - a story that paints that relationship as romantic needs to be banned from wattpad.


erm - maybe in your state. In my state (AOC is 18 with no Romeo and Juliet) - straight up statutory rape. Again, really just drives home the point I’m making which is that people are talking about censorship without actually knowing what they are talking about. and that is dangerous and destructive.


The frontal lobe, an important part of the brain, is not fully connected in teenagers. It explains why teens can suffer from bad judgement, and make bad decisions. Limbic system structures also play a part, they mature before the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, this explains why teens engage in risky situations. Teens are most sensitive to influences by friends and emotions, it’s why a ‘herd’ mentality is so important to most of them. One major reason why teens are sometimes badly influenced is because of the presence of a neurotransmitter known as dopamine. All this is purely physiological.

So, at 12 or 13, there’s still very much to learn, emotionally, and a long long way to go before full rationality is obtained… And they, hopefully, will have a very different mindset ten years on.


bingo! and I’ve said a few times now - if you don;t like it - just leave! no need to stay and be all offended!


I’m on my phone right now, but this is coming from someone who writes Erotica. I have no problem with smut. It’s Wattpad glorifying abusive relationships that is the problem.

I have no intention of leaving Wattpad. I just don’t want abusive relationship romance recommended to me. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that.


And I’m not saying they should be censored but a personal recs where we choose what books are recommended to us would do wonders.


It’s people speaking out about what is morally wrong that makes our world a better place; that get laws changed; that stop abuse; save lives. When gratuitous pornographic material is allowed on places like Wattpad, then it risks rendering the place cheap and nasty.

Members have just as much right to complain about such content as you have to defend it. Why should they leave? Perhaps they care enough about Wattpad to not want to see it become a wankfest for perverts?

With so many young people on here, Wattpad has a responsibility to ensure that there’s a line drawn between sexual content and gratuitous violent misogynistic porn.


let me try extending this olive branch to you. I am not trying to be rude - but I don’t care if you are offended - I expect pretty much most things you disagree with to offend you - HOWEVER, I very much see your point and i get what you are saying. I agree with the tenet - I just don’t think you thought your post through properly if at all. It’s not as clear cut as you think it is - and you don’t know where people are coming from. What of the person who is actually in something abusive and who is trying to deal with it by writing about it? What of the person who needs to feel like it’s normal? the person who needs to feel like the piece of shit treating them poorly actually loves them? We want them out of that relationship - of course we do - but they are in it not us.
Now I think that will be the rarity - and (here’s the olive branch) - I uncompromisingly support your premise that content on wattpad (or anywhere) that glorifies or romanticizes any kind of abuse should be removed. My example all show situations where people accept their abuse as somehow normal and even romanticize predicaments arising from the abuse -but you are correct - they are ultimately stories that overcome the abuse.
And on religion - that was my point - I find it super offensive that my country afford massive benefits (tax breaks, unbridled freedom of speech) that I do not have, simply based upon a person’s belief in some fantasy being. But I recognize that people have religious beliefs - and that my tax money will go to support and protect their right to those beliefs and you don’t hear me demanding that religious organizations be shut down immediately. There is nothing hateful nor prejudiced about it - I do not hate religious people nor do i have any prejudice towards them. I treat them exactly the same way as I treat all my fellow man and womankind - I just happen to think believing in a god or gods is silly. I also happen to think Target is better than walmart. If you want hatred and prejudice - why not look at the Westboro Baptist Church who are, believe it or not “religious people”.


and yet you call it “smut”…lols


?? Writing good smut and an abusive relationship are two different things.

I understand each author has their “thing” or “niche” as I think it’s called, but I prefer certain Erotica over others. Not all Erotica has an abusive relationship.


and that’s fine - but I don’t want to read posts from people whining about something they can fix simply by leaving the place that they claim offends them constantly. There is nothing with wanting that. so what do we do - shut down the comments section so you can’t post anything anymore? Stop you from being able to critique others’ work or contribute to discussions because I am constantly offended by your view? Or tell me to get over it? I’d actually tell myself to get over it personally.