Wattpad Has Big Problems



“but I don’t want to read posts from people whining about something they can fix simply by leaving the place that they claim offends them constantly.”

Here’s your own words back at you.

Settings - Account - Delete. XD


Personally, I find the trend of making romantic figures out of creepypasta killers and freaks as well as the entire ‘Yandere’ thing just as disturbing. I have no issue with the concept of Yandere, until they put them as the romantic lead. Unless it’s a thriller / horror, that creeps me out.

That’s my personal take.

As far as whether or not content is removed, I’ve been doing content for three years and not even I get everything removed that I report. I will say that when it doesn’t get removed, I can usually see why - that there’s a blurry line there.

Believe it or not, Wattpad actually tries very hard NOT to removed stories. They want to encourage writing, not delete it. But there have to be standards, especially when you start talking about minors.

Please, if you see anyone admitting to being under 13, report them.

Someone mentioned that before actual sex was allowed the thing was ‘spanking’ - usually by the billionaire. I remember when the ‘bodice ripper’ stories were popular in trad publishing - carried by all the romance publishers.- which were essentially glorified rape. It was always the virginal heroine being afraid or embarrassed about sex and the man being ‘forceful’ (lovely term, that) to the point of tearing her dress open over the breasts (hence ‘bodice ripper’) - but she ends up liking it, so it’s OK, right? :grimacing:

Twilight and it’s bastard child FSOG popularized abusive / controlling ‘romance’ for teens and both were written by adults … and not young ones, either.


Thank you! I really hate the “If you don’t like insert bad thing here then just leave!” mentality. Like no. No thanks. I’d rather stay and work to make the community better and safer and more aware of issues. I don’t want to ignore abusive things bc that gives them the allowance and space to grow. So sorry I care about the community here.


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

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I think your book The Golden would fall under the censorship being discussed here. Your heroine is 15 and your book deals with topics many in this discussion would find immoral and very unsavory. I for one uphold your right to write about 15 year old sex workers, seraglios, and just about anything you want. We have to be careful as writers when we point fingers at other writers. Technically you are violating the content guidelines.

You may say your work is ok because it has artistic merit (and I agree btw), but others may not care about merit. All they will see is that it’s erotica and regardless of how it’s written, it will be trash/cheap/porny to someone. That’s the issue. We either protect trash no one wants to read or remove with no questions asked and lose really great books.

I would like to err on the side of careful review.


Actually, no it doesn’t.
There is no actual description the girl’s sexual activity and what is written is not mean for arousal. It is set properly in it’s historical context.


I brought up age gap in stories set in historical settings earlier. Many in this forum have voiced that is unacceptable. You are misunderstanding my post. I am saying that someone might object to the subject matter and flag a story for removal. I’m opposed to removing anything until ambassadors have a chance to review properly to determine context. I was presenting an example of a story which might be misconstrued as violating the guidelines. FTR I don’t believe the story in question does, but at face value someone might object to it.


The book is historical, set in the 1640’s. What I’m writing is historically researched and accurate. The only detailed sex scene in the novel is between a man and an 18 year old. I’m not writing gratuitous pornography set in modern times where women are being abused just for the thrill of it, or incest is written for kicks. The Golden touches on the plight of the concubines within a male dominated regime, and in particular one girl’s escape from that. It’s all based around fact.

I don’t care whether you or anyone else uses that as a stick to bash me with when I’m expressing a valid opinion on here. The discussion is about writing that glorifies violence against women, unnecessary pornography in prose that has no driving plot, but merely for the sake of it. So far as I can see, this discussion is not against using sex/incest/abuse as part of a story to make a point or move the plot along towards positive resolutions. That’s already been mentioned. There’s some work on here that are just basically dirty stories. Which is fine. But when you start denigrating women, and writing about how women enjoy it/accept it as normal/enjoy rape, then that’s going to upset folks. Particularly if they’ve been abused in real life. And nowhere in my books do I do that.

And I’ve pointed the finger at no one. The discussion is general.

What I’ve seen here is people trying to shut others down in this discussion. All that “If you don’t like it here, leave”. Pathetic.

Thanks for the plug, BTW. My reads have nearly doubled.


Read my previous post. Gratuitous pornography doesn’t necessarily violate the guidelines. Explicit sex scenes renders a work Mature and Wattpad has given writers the ability to tag it as such.


Thank you.


Relax, I was not saying your story should be removed or any such thing. Read what I’m actually saying.


And you need to be more subtle and less transparent.


People are just dying to get offended in this thread. Not sure what more subtle and less transparent means. Regardless I’m not pointing a finger at you, just saying that people have different sensibilities when it comes to offensive content. The good news is that Wattpad ambassadors like @WorldsInsideMyHead are on the job. :slight_smile:


Ever heard the expression, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”? You thought you were being smart by trying to hold up the mirror to me. A passive aggressive ploy that’s used a lot on these forums. Now the tack you’re taking is “Who? Little 'ol inoffensive me?”

You pointed the finger, named my work and tried to be clever.

I’m not offended BTW. This is me being all ‘relaxed’.


ins’t there some kind of system that can be put in place that monitors these kind of things. I know website that have a type of coding where if you use certain types of words in a specific sentence or if you use a specific type of language the computer sends red flags and the problem will get dealt with that way. I understand when people are say that these things cant be monitored all the time by the ambassadors that makes sense. however with a system like this these kinds of things probably would happen on such a regular occasion and it wouldn’t be so problematic for Wattpad… If you understand where I’m coming from.


Clearly you have not been reading my responses in this thread. I defend every writer’s right to write what their heart desires. Period.


And you clearly haven’t read anyone else’s responses!

This entire thread is about enforcing the rules Wattpad already has, not “censoring out any mention of tougher topics” like you seem to believe it is. The romanticization of abuse and explicit sex scenes involving minors are against the guidelines, so those books aren’t allowed and the rules about them not being allowed should be enforced. People have stated multiple times that there’s nothing wrong with Mature books, but that the banned stuff (child porn, romanticization and glorification of abuse and rape, etc) should be removed.

Read everyone else’s responses and let go of what YOU think this thread is about and maybe you’ll see why your comment against that other user made absolutely no sense.


The thread has evolved way beyond that. I think everyone who has come here and read it knows about the guideline issue. I don’t think I’ve read any responses which state that guidelines should be ignored. Stop beating me over the head with this. I have never at any point said that Wattpad should allow works which include minors in romanticized sex fantasy. Please stop telling me I don’t know how to read. It’s condescending.

Maybe it’s time you accepted that threads on forums take on a life of their own and everyone has the right to chime in on relevant topics.


The problem with codes and bots is that they have no intelligence. I suppose they could flag some possible problem stories, but they would undoubtedly flag a great many that were fine, as well. Putting codes or bots in place that would do anything besides flag (like auto-delete) would result in some non-offending stories being removed (due to bot’s not being able to read intent or context.) In the end, you still have to have a person go over each one.


No, but you HAVE said that people on this thread want to censor out anything “bad” and that’s just not true. You keep beating everyone over the head with this idea that everyone wants everything to be rated G, and that’s just not the case.

Plus, you said someone else hadn’t been reading your responses so I pointed out that you weren’t reading either, so if I’m condescending then you definitely beat me there, my friend.