Wattpad has changed... A LOT


I started my account when I was like 13 and haven’t been back in 2 and a half years and now I’m 17. But anyways… I started wattpad for the obvious reasons: I love books, reading etc and I tried my hand at writing… however where I truly flourished was the clubs.

I was heavily involved in the MDC, I started getting interested in graphic designing, made some really good friendships, started a lot of cover shops, and would post every week in the Graphic Stalkers thread (idk if thats a thing anymore lol). And then I took a two, three, year long break from Wattpad. I lost connection with many of those friends after being away for so long.

I came back just to see how things were going and holy shit was I surprised lol I honest to god didn’t recognize anything about the clubs. I’m still confused. There are badges? I remember there were the numbers under our icon to show how many posts and comments we made, mine was in the thousands. The community was a lot more orange too. It took me at least 20 minutes to figure out how to start a topic

Wattpad used to be a lot more liberal when it came to what you can and cannot do. How long has wattpad been like this? Do you all enjoy it? When I tell y’all I was surprised to see how much it changed I was reallyyyyy surprised.

Wattpad is a nostalgic part of me that helped me break out of my shell and embrace my creativity. I often miss the times where I would skip homework to talk to other people on here, to mess around in photoshop and see what sort of covers I could make for other writers. It was a nice time and a time I miss especially now that I’m getting ready for college.

I just sort of wanted to share my thoughts about the community from a person who hasn’t seen it in over a year. I like how wattpad has been trying to make their website professional I’ve heard some great success stories about writers who have had their books turned into shows and movies. The change is astonishing and I’m curious about you, who were around when it did change and what your thoughts are. What were the reactions? I remember when wattpad made some new guidelines to the MDC it started a lot of backlash and drama. I’m not sure how many people will respond I mostly just needed to get this out of my system haha


They closed the forums earlier this year. I think it was in September. I think there were server issues, so they’ve changed it to the community.


First let me say congratulations on going to college! That’s wonderful. Have a great time. College is one of the best experiences of my whole life!

Second, I joined WP March 2018, right before a lot of changes began. In my experience, the clubs and the books were more interconnected back then. I miss that. I also miss the old ranking system, which focused on genre rankings rather than tags.

What I do like about the new set up has more to do with the club’s interface. We don’t need to know html to post content, the categories are displayed clearer, and I like the customization.


Welcome back to Wattpad and the forums :slight_smile:

You can have a look at these threads for more info-

If you need help with coding, check out the following guide: #howtocode

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First of all, welcome back to Wattpad. c:

The website has changed drastically within the last couple of years. Whether it dealt with the main website’s appearance (like profiles, for example) or something that dealt with the stories. We recently stopped having genres and now it’s all about tags. The ranking system (to get on the Hot List) also is tag-based. All in order to make it easier to get attraction. But other things have changed as well. There are programs—in the beta stages—that help some writers earn money while writing on here. Other programs have allowed other writers use Wattpad as like an agency so they can become traditionally published. We also have a Wattcon now; this was the third year of having one. The most recent change were the clubs.

The original clubs, that you’re probably familiar with, had been the same way for years. Those up at HQ who are in charge of improving the website, had hit a road-block. The clubs were stuck back in time and needed to be modernized, especially with many people wanting more from the clubs like a search bar, emojis, an easier way to code, mobile friendly, and more. The problem was, the old clubs couldn’t change because they had updated the software so much that it wouldn’t do anything. And, as a matter of fact, the old clubs weren’t even connected to Wattpad. It was ran off a specific software off the main website. That software was called Vanilla. So when they ran into this problem, they looked elsewhere for a solution. And that’s when Discourse became the new software for the clubs.

Around June, they were stuck in the beta stages for a few months. They had everyone from the old clubs come in to give feedback; told HQ what they liked, what they didn’t like, what could be improved. Over the course of three or four months, they changed a few things around, but ultimately, most people enjoyed it, and so… in September, the clubs switched. They’re new to many people, and everyone is still getting used to them, even us mods, but they haven’t been around for very long. :wink:

When I first came on to these clubs, I wasn’t a big fan. It was so confusing, so… white, that it made me annoyed and disgusted. It was just so plain. But within a month or so, I got used to 'em and now I like 'em. I prefer them over the older clubs, honestly. I love how easy it is to code, the emojis, the polling option, the blur spoiler thing… I like it all. The features are what captured my attention, so that’s probably why. xD

But I will definitely miss the photos in the old clubs.


OMG same! I just got back into wattpad today and it’s so different.


Same. After 4 years here i am again with no clue of what’s going on hahaha


To be honest, I’m still not really used to it. It’s slowly growing on me, but I do still prefer the old clubs. It just felt like there was so much more interaction in those clubs, but I understand why they needed to update everything with demands and whatnot. But I’ll never forget the old clubs. This is easier, I have to admit, but something about the old clubs was just so much more open and making friends was much easier…or maybe I’m biased because I hate change :joy: