Wattpad, I'm missing a book. I would like it back please.

I have heard of people complaining, “my story has been taken down,” but this was for folks that were writing books with adult scenes. My book though, was simply a collection of poems and quotes. They were not my personal works, but the original speakers and authors were noted. If at any time I were attempting to say “these poems and words are mine,” I can understand why this book would be taken down. I made it clear on the intro. “This is a collection of my favorite poems and quotes from around the world. Original authors will be noted.” I even had images of the people on some of them. I was just about to load a quote from Vincent Van Gogh. May I please have my book back so I can load it?

I’d go to the help centre.

Thank you. Where do I find that? Is it on community or the main page?

https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us :slight_smile:

Thank you. I just talked to the bot.

Hope you get through to a human staff as well.

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Even if you gave credit to the original authors, it’s still considered copyright infringement.


Not really sure how, as most of these were copied straight from the internet for all the world to see. Others, such as my favorite movie quotes, I carefully looked up so the source could be known.

This would have been my latest upload.


I also was not given any warning or notification as to which poem or quote was violating any terms.

While it’s true that things like quotes are shared widely and you can’t always track down if the source has given permission for it to be posted or not, it still doesn’t mean it isn’t copyright infringement. Just because other people do it, doesn’t mean if you do it too it’s no longer copyright infringement.


Being on the internet doesn’t mean copyright doesn’t apply. If you want to include someone else’s poem, you would need to get permission from the author or publisher unless the poem has entered into the public domain (usually 50-75 years after a person’s death).


Wattpad has the right to remove your work without warning if it’s in violation of their rules. And unless every single quote/poem/etc was in the public domain or else you were given explicit permission from the authors, it’s still copyright infringement.

The link I posted before is literally on Wattpad’s website and gives the exact definition of copyright infringement :woman_shrugging:


You mean like Emily Dickenson, “Nobody?” Yes, she’s been dead for quite a while. And so has Mary Shelly, one of her quotes from the monster was in there. “Awake fairest. Thy lover awaits. He who would give his life but to obtain one look of favor from thine eyes. My beloved, awake.”

It also had quotes and images from sitcoms such as Beverly Hillbillies, the Addams Family, and The Munsters, and pretty much anything else that I found to be uplifting.

Now, if this is considered infringement, even though I’m not making any money from it and have no intentions too, what is the difference between this and writing fandom works of fictional characters that we obviously do not have the copyright to?

My apologies then if you think I am too thick or dumb to understand, which I guess that I am, as most of the quotes are from people that are already dead and cannot give their permission for anything.

I feel like you’re getting mad, but nobody here is arguing with you. I’m simply letting you know the most likely reason your book was taken down. You can still put in a ticket with Wattpad and ask they review the book and reconsider removing it.

No, I’m not angry. Thank you for your concern though. It was very disappointing though to see it taken down. I was looking forward to loading another one.

Obviously this is something you’d have to take up with WattPad since they made the decision to remove your book. Not earning from someone else’s work doesn’t negate copyright. It’s still an infringement to share copyrighted work. Whether the copyright holder will know or chase it up is another matter entirely.

The difference between sharing copyright work and fan fiction? Fans are writing their own stories, not sharing chunks of the original author’s published material. And some authors and publishers frown heavily on fan fiction and will prosecute where they find violations (Disney is notorious for it; Star Trek can be touchy); others don’t. Just because people get away with it doesn’t make it right though.

It is very difficult to discern a person’s “tone” with written words alone instead of actually hearing a human’s voice.

My apologies then if you think that I’m doing something immorally low. I kindly disagree with you. It was simply a place to gather my favorite quotes and images of things that I personally found to be uplifting.

I didn’t say anything about you having done something ‘immorally low’. I was only explaining about copyright and you did ask the question. And you’re welcome to disagree with me. :slight_smile:

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